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44 Smuggled Rare Green Sea Turtles Released on Kuta Beach

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Photo credits: Flickr Steve Jurvetson

Dozens of green sea turtles were finally released back to the ocean from Kuta Beach today after being successfully saved from smugglers on Wednesday evening (16/9). Bali Police stopped the smuggling crime in Kubu Tambahan waters, Buleleng, though one turtle died due to neck injury, 44 turtles survived.

“Our officers found these animals last night. Unfortunately, the crew of the ship managed to escape,” Sugeng Priyanto of Bali Police told Okezone, Thurs (17/9). He predicts that the sea turtles were taken from Madura waters to be sold on the black market in Denpasar, Bali.

What makes these green sea turtles so special? Not only because they are rare but also the turtles live to a very long age, ranging from 10 years to over a hundred years old.

Many tourists were attracted to the area where the turtles were being cared for. Some were also assisting with caring of the turtles by showering them to ensure they stayed wet, and other tourists were spotted giving first aid to the wounded.

Since there are three smugglers that are still at large, Bali Police are reportedly in search of the the criminals. “Green sea turtles are protected under Indonesian law, therefore we want to conserve the species and let them go back to the ocean where they belong,” said Sugeng after the release.

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