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A Deceased Baby inside A Plastic Bag Found on A Bridge

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Photo credits: Flickr - Henry Burrows

The local people in Ubud, Bali were shocked at the news of a deceased baby that was found on the Kengetan Bridge on Wednesday afternoon. It was noticed due to a very strong unpleasant odor coming from the vicinity of the Bridge, it was quite strong and attracting passerbys.

Because people were curious with the smell, they tried to find the location of the source. It turned out that the strong odor came from a red plastic bag, which contained a decomposing body of a baby. The local people stated that they could smell the distinctive odor since that morning.

“After we conducted a general observation, it was found that the baby was 60cm tall, and 3 kg in weight. The body was covered in bruises,” said the medical staff of Puskesmas (society medical centre) in Ubud, Doctor Henida Irasanti to Tribune Bali after conducting autopsy.

The deceased then was evacuated to Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar. While the Gianyar Police coordinating with the Ubud local Police continued the investigation to find out the suspect(s).

Two main witnesses were asked for information, “We are investigating this case. Hopefully we could arrest the suspect soon,” said Marzel Doni from Gianyar Region Police.

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