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Bali is Only About Beaches? Check Out Its Hidden "gem" in Tabanan!

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Photo credits: Flickr I Nengah Januartha

When strolling around Bali, do not forget to add Pupuan in Tabanan district to your bucket list. This place is definitely a worthwhile place to-go during holiday in Bali, as it offers a diversity of natural beauty and attractions from coffee agro-tourism, waterfalls, to eye-pampering landscape.

It is true indeed, Ubud is not the only place to visit for divine green rice fields. Check out Blimbing village in Pupuan, Tabanan, beautiful rice fields are outspread everywhere there, which is from where most of the residents make a living as farmers.

Even though there is no written signs or facilities indicating that it is a tourism region, according to Tribun Bali, there are many vehicles that would stop by. Groups of foreigners were spotted jumping out of their cars with their tour guides. Other tourists had been seen in the rice fields area as well beforehand.

“Seeing green rice fields stretched out along the ways, this kind of scenery is just unforgettable.” uttered Jane, a tourist from Perth, Australia.

According to a farmer who is a local, there has been many tourists visiting Pupuan rice fields, especially during weekends. “We are going to plant in the rice again, in a few weeks it is expected to be beautifully grown and tall” said Mr. Ketut as he is pulling out wild grass around the field.

It takes 2 hours travelling from Denpasar to reach this area. Just ask people in the village of Blimbing and they will show the direction. With its clean fresh air, this area is best to choose to visit for self indulging after the hustle and bustle of city life.

The eye-catching rice terraces which follow the natural curvy contours of the ground enhances the region’s beauty. Unluckily for now, there is no road access to get in the fields yet except a small path as an entrance.

Furthermore, the sound of waters gurgling during the trekking would soothe you inside out. For those who are longing for something different than beaches or other mainstream tours in South Bali, should come and visit this natural charm in Tabanan.

“This area offers as much natural beauty as other area, like Kuta or Ubud. Many are still unspoiled, quiet and tranquil, adding more value to our area” Mr. Ketut stated.

Later on, Mr. Made Suyatra, a tour guide who is bringing his guests to Pupuan rice terrace continued, “It is lovely that it is quiet here, distinctively different than Kuta, that’s what attracts tourists so much. Bali definitely has more “gems" to hide than just the beaches in Kuta”

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