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Bali Safari Welcomes Sumatran Tiger into The 'Safari Family'

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Photo credits: Flickr - Jordan Crowe

Bali Safari and Marine Park has added Sumatran Tigers into the “safari family". The Sumatran Tigers would showcase performances for tourists and visitors in an educational and informative way highlighting the fact that some of the species in Indonesia are extinct.

“Since the subspecies of Bali and Java Tigers are already extinct, we are going all out to spread the ultimate message to society not to let the Sumatran tiger end up extinct like the others in the Indonesian tiger family.” said William Santoso the General Manager of Bali Safari and Marine Park in Gianyar.

An attraction titled Dari Predator Menjadi Mangsa (or in English “From Hunter To Hunted”) telling the story of how the rare tiger population has rapidly reduced.

The performance will be full of Balinese mythology and will also emphasise the tiger’s natural ability to hunt, clim, swim, and play. “Hopefully this could ‘shake' people emotionally and get their sympathy regarding how dangerously close the Sumatran tiger is to extinction right now,” said William.

It is understood there are some worldly-known tiger subspecies the such as Sumatran Tiger, the endangered Bengal Tiger, and Balinese Tiger that mortifiedly has been extinct since 1937, not to mention the Javanese Tiger. What an ungraceful fact to know there are still people that hunt tigers for its skin and fur for trading on the black market.

For now the management of the 40 hectares wide Bali Safari and Marine Park is nursing and taking care of 15 tigers, “We’ve had four more tigers from breeding since last year, when there were only 11 tigers,”.

Some of the visitors dominated by foreigners were seen fascinated by the rare animal’s performance.

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