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Balinese Artists showcased in Beijing

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Photo credits: Flickr choo chin nian

Ten Balinese artists are invited to showcase their art at a grand exhibition themed “Memory & Dream “ in Beijing on September 24th to October 15th, at the National Art Museum of China, according to Wayan Redika who is the group leader of the artists in Denpasar (19/9).

He said that all ten artists are Pande Nyoman Alit Wijaya Suta, Uuk Paramahita, I Made Supena, Imam Nurofiq, Nyoman Loka Suara, I Putu Bambang Juliarta, I Made Gunawan, Tatang B.Sp and I Wayan Rio Riawan and himself. In addition to that, there are 5 artists from other areas of Indonesia who are also invited to the event.

Beijing Biennale is one of the biggest art exhibitions in the last decade showcasing contemporary artwork and artists wishing to compete with the European domination by exhibiting the content and local talent from each participant.

He also mentioned Beijing Biennale 2015 will display 725 paintings, sculptures and videos from artists’ representing 96 countries, who have been chosen in a tight selection in 2014. This year the curators selected 18.386 artworks from 6,650 artists of 103 different nationalities.

“The committee stated that they are not only looking for Beijing Biennale ‘standard’ but also the participant’s country artistic achievement. In this autumn people from across the world will not only see aesthetics but also hopes and dreams,” he said.

There are 10 balinese artists out of 15 Indonesian participants, “Many Balinese artists showcase their work in Europe. But unfortunately Bali does not have international events, like Beijing Biennale,” said Redika.

Besides Beijing International Art Biennale the artists will attend Art China which is held by the China Cultural Department from September 25-27 at National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing.

The Balinese artists also can show their work at art exploration at Prince Gong Mansion and Park, the largest park in China that is surrounded by many Tiongkok traditional buildings. It is part of Art China’s participation with Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Beijing.

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