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Check How the Local Environmental Board in Buleleng's Preserve Lovina Area

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The Local Environmental Board (BLH) in Buleleng has reportedly invited and involved tourism-related business people in the Lovina area to help preserve its environment.

“We have involved tourism-related business people, whom have an important role here as they are the ones who have direct involvement with tourism activities in Lovina,” said the head of the Division of Counselling and Law Enforcement, I Nyoman Sandiarta in Singaraja on Wednesday (30/9/2015). He mentioned that the people invited are hotels and restaurants' owners, handicraft merchants, tour guides, and local residents whom spend a lot of time with activities in the area, which is an outstanding dolphin attraction.

Sandiarta believes that it should not be only government who is to be responsible in preserving Lovina’s nature, but it also should involve all elements in order to ease maintaining and supervising the area from 'irresponsible people’. “Lovina has a significant numbers of visitors within North Bali and keeps increasing every year, thus it is very important to keep the area well-maintained,” he said.

Moreover, Sandiarta added that they regularly hold consultation gatherings with Lovina’s hotels and restaurants' owners concerning a proper standardised plan and procedure for waste management and waste processing, “Problems are generally caused from waste that are discarded in to river or sea, which is our main concern. We give consultation to hotel owners for deeper knowledge on managing waste the right way”.

Sandiarta and the organisation do not hesitate to take assertive action with those who are proven to be discarding waste carelessly. “Permit is also another thing here, if one has no discharge permit under constitution yet discharges waste, he will be arrested and jailed for three years plus fine up to IDR 3 billion,” he stated.

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