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Finding good bread in Bali

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Being Dutch who can't have a day go by without his bread and cheese, my partner really found it a challenge to live in Bali. Most bakeries we went to don't sell the breads as he knew it. He didn't ask much, only a nice bread for him to make his breakfast or bruschetta. We went to places recommended by people, Popular in Hayam Wuruk, Bali Bakery, The Pantry in Sanur and was driving like mad in Sanur in search for Bali Deli to find out they have closed the shop and only open in Seminyak (far).

Who knew that Carrefour Sunset Road has good bread??

He had given up hope of finding good bread, until one day when I was shopping for groceries in Carrefour I decided to try buy their bread. The grumpy Dutch liked it. Even the fresh sausages in Carrefour are just like the sausages he knew from back home. Carrefour Bakery even has an assortment of danish pastry that you can buy per kg.

Next time you need to get decent breakfast material (bread, sausage, and pastry) just go to Carrefour.

PS: We hope next time they will have decent cheese there too!

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