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Fine Art of Photography Making Waves in Bali

With the virality of images on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined with high tech camera technology, photography has become ubiquitous. Even though Bali is praised for its arts and culture, fine art photography in Bali has not shared the same spotlight as likes of the famed Pita Maha and Penestanan’s Young Artists movements of the 30’s and 60’s respectively. This is beginning to change.

Similar to the grassroots origins of the Young Artists movement, there are a couple of notable visual artist groups that recently launched fine art photography exhibitions. Both featuring Indonesian photographers. The Cata Odata gallery in the heart of Penestanan Kelod opened its month-long Crossroads exhibit on Friday, April 1. On Saturday, April 2, Suku Analog (Analog Tribe) Bali launched its month-long show at Kopi Made in Renon, Denpasar. Both shows are special in that they provide glimpses of Indonesian life from the eyes of Indonesians. The results are genuine artistic expressions not solely manufactured for export.

Crossroads: A Visual Intersection

Crossroads is Cata Odata’s first photographic art show since the gallery opened its doors in 2014. On display are painting-like, large-scale portraits (Tnubrata); a visual diary series captured on Polaroid film (Boen); and monochromatic digital photographs on book 'tear sheets' (Octavianus). 'Visual Intersection' is an accurate metaphor which describes a presentation of diverse creativity sourced from photography as the common medium.

Cata Odata owners Miss Ratna Odata and Mr. Djunaidi Kenyut participate in the interactive exhibit

“My JKT exhibit is made from layout sheets from a book. It offers the viewer a new perspective from my visual diary of Jakarta, where I lived and worked as a photojournalist for nine years”, relates photographer/artist, Fanny Octavianus.

When: 1 April to 30 April, Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 7 pm, Sunday by appointment

Where: Cata Odata gallery in the Ubud artist’s hub of Penestanan, Jl Penestanan Kelod, opposite Pura Dalam Penestanan, Ubud

Artists: Fanny Octavianus, Kun Tanubrata, and Sjaiful Boen

Contact: (+62) 822 3323 7857, [email protected]



Made in Bali

Suku Analog just celebrated it’s fourth anniversary (founded in 2012). This is the group’s second show at Kopi Made and features works from 12 local, Indonesian artists. This ambitious project required the collaboration of 12 analogue photographers to display images found only in Bali. The collection of monochrome and colour prints is an intimate peek of Balinese daily life, rich traditions, and environmental landscapes.


Made in Bali is especially unique in that is showcases analogue or film photography, thereby diverging from the dominant, mainstream of digital photography. “Making photographs with an analogue camera is nostalgic for me. There is something special about setting the rings on the lens, advancing the lever with my thumb, and having the patience to wait for the result.”, says Helmy, one of the featured photographers.


When: 2 April to 30 April, 10 am – 10 pm every day

Where: Second floor of Kopi Made café in Bali’s vibrant Renon neighbourhood, Jl Puputan 106, Renon Denpasar, Bali, adjacent Renon Square (Lapangan Renon)

Artists: Fika Nindya, Windujati, Agus Suka Adi Surya, Joe Christian, Stefanus Bayu, Ruth Onduko, Helmy Mahendra, Kass Sudrajat, Kurniawan Adinata, Firmansyah Cakman, Agung Anom Dessy, and Popo.

Contact: (+62) 361 264 4481


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