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Five Bali Foodies To Follow

The amount of new and interesting places that Bali has to offer is somehow overwhelming. Every time you pass by a hip neighborhood like Seminyak and Canggu, there is always a new place popping out. Even every time you travel up to Ubud, you would learn about a new raw/vegan/organic food joint just opened there. Do you find yourself asking these questions to your friends, “Have you tried that new coffee shop in Petitenget?”, “Have you heard about that bakery in Sanur?” or , “Wanna go to that new Japanese restaurant that just opened in Batu Belig?”

Or maybe, one time, being overwhelmed by the fact I just stated above, you just have no idea which restaurant or café or coffee shop to visit anymore? Worry no more, because this is when I am actually grateful of living in the digital age, and having the wonder called Instagram. These are five foodie accounts you have to follow on Instagram to help you navigate the culinary world of Bali and stop getting puzzled on where to go or what to have when it comes to food in Bali. They will give you complete information about each place, from address, hours, to favorite menu. A precaution though, opening these Instagram accounts will make you drool on the pictures.


One of the biggest names in Bali culinary world is the guy behind Epicurina. Started out as a blog, Epicurina provides a wide range of food reviews around Bali. He focuses on halal food – which is quite hard to find, in Bali.



Opening this Instagram account, you will be amazed by the images on their feed. Everything is so clear, sharp, and looks like it as if it was styled by a professional food stylist.



Ranked as top three Instagram foodie in Indonesia, everything on their feed is only of the best and newest places around Bali. From hipster cafes in Canggu, worldwide chain restaurants in around Kuta, to household name warungs in Gianyar.



The young guys behind Foodie God Island will take you to every corner of Bali’s culinary scenes. Expect sharp and crisp images without too many frills that show arrays of food just as good as it is.



Foodcious is managed by a couple of husband and wife. Not only well established places, they also talk about small food businesses in Bali. Most images on their Instagram feed are teasers to their blog posts.

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By | Apr 26 2019 at 14:55

Thank you for these, I'm going to Bali, after my stay at Seda Hotel. Will be using your blog as a guide.

By | Jan 15 2016 at 08:52

I have an instagram ´zine called Balistagram and we follow all these foodies. Their photos are reviews are really good!

By Admin | Apr 26 2019 at 15:15


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