Your Ultimate Bali Guide

Food not to miss while you're in Bali

Bali has many kinds of unique and authentic food that you shouldn't miss. Since it’s going to take you forever to try them all, we will help you to sort it out. We tried them all, so you could save your time and eat only the most delicious ones.

Either this is your first time or if you are a Bali regular, you should make sure you try these delicious dishes when you are here.

1. Roasted Suckling Pig

Known as "Babi Guling" with the local tongue, it is really famous in Bali. Babi guling is almost everywhere and easy to find, but only some babi guling places gained public recognition. Some of them have become too popular that they become overrated. It's good to ask for local recommendation to make sure you get to try the best babi guling in town. The price of this dish varies from cheap to expensive depends on the place and location. Babi guling you eat in a Denpasar diner might cost you $1 and in Seminyak Restaurant it might be $5. What makes this dish different than other country's suckling pig is the flavor which is really rich, strong, and flavorful because of the Balinese spices stuffed inside the pig before roasting. The Balinese mostly cook this dish traditionally or manually with a young piglet that is still suckling milk from its mother, thus the name, and create that tender tasty meat as the result. It is served with hot rice, pork soup and sambal goreng (fried traditional chili sauce).

2. Betutu

Betutu is a Balinese dish of steamed or roasted chicken or duck, it is seasoned and spiced with Balinese spices resulting in its beautiful yellowish color and wonderful rich taste. It is a very popular dish and very easy to find. It is served with the famous sambal matah, traditional chili sauce made of raw shallot slices mixed with fresh chopped chili peppers and coconut oil. It's mostly paired with hot steamed rice, Balinese Long Bean (Jukut Bejek), Minced Satay (Sate Lilit), and eggs.

3. Lawar

Lawar is a traditional food in Bali. Every Balinese family makes lawar, especially when it comes to big ceremony like Galungan ,because it's part of the tradition here. It's a dish created from a mixture of vegetables (grated coconut, long beans, boiled young jackfruit) with meat (usually pork or chicken), sometimes with raw blood, and Balinese spices. IIf you prefer your lawar without raw blood, you should ask first if it's red or white lawar. Red lawar is the one cooked with raw blood. This dish is also often paired with Babi Guling.

4. Balinese Pork Satay

Pork satay is a common dish in Indonesia, especially for Chinese who live in Indonesia. Balinese Pork Satay has totally different taste than other pork satay that can be found in other places in Indonesia. It has yellowish color because of the spices, especially turmeric. The meat is tender with sweet and strong flavor, complimented with the chili or sambal, and served with lontong (rice cake).

5. Balinese Minced Satay

Other than pork satay, there's also a different kind of satay which is very famous too. Balinese Minced Satay, known as Sate Lilit, has different taste and look. Pork, Fish, and Chicken is commonly used for this satay. The meat is minced, mixed with spicy paste, and molded around sugarcane sticks or flat bamboo skewers.

6. Crispy Duck

It's one of modern Balinese food. Do you remember the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love'?Yes, Ubud is the area that introduced the Crispy Duck in the beginning.People love eating Crispy Duck while looking over the rice field.You have to go to Ubud to try it but now they have many franchises in around Kuta but minus the rice field. Some other restaurants also have this dish now so you can try find the dish in places near you without having to go to Ubud. The skin is so crispy but the meat is tender, completed with sambal matah and hot steamed rice.

7. Tipat Cantok

Tipat is a vegetables dish covered with peanut sauce. This is really one of the local’s most favorite food. It's a bit hard to find in tourist areas, but if you want to try you can find them in the city area. Priced at less than $1, this dish is very cheap because there's no meat inside, only vegetables. It has tipat (diamond shaped rice cake), long beans, bean sprout, and kale covered with peanut sauce. It's yummy and a bit spicy.

8. Rujak

Rujak is a common Indonesian snack or dessert that looks like salad. It consist of fruit or vegetable slices covered with sweet sour sauce made from brown sugar, tamarind, shrimp paste, chili, and salt. The sweet sour sauce is most commonly used in Indonesia but Balinese Rujak has many kinds of sauce, from the common sweet sour sauce, vinegar sauce, and pindang gravy. Bali is famous for its pindang gravy rujak, the fish gravy sauce combined with the sweet and sour taste make the rujak experience truly unique and memorable.

9. Jajan Bali

Getting bored with western cakes that you usually find in the restaurant? Don't forget to try this yummy traditional cake. It's easily found at the traditional market and is really cheap. There are many choices for this dessert but all has the same garnish, it's covered with liquid brown sugar and grated coconut. The cake choices are varied but mostly have the same ingredients like rice flour and glutinous rice. Bubuh injin, godoh, pisang rai, cenil, lak-lak, black and white sticky rice, lupis and kelepon are typical varieties.

10. Pia

Pia or known as Pie is a really well-known dessert everywhere in Indonesia, but the pie in Bali is quite different. Bali is well known for its pie nowadays, people love to buy it for gifts, especially the local tourists. The famous pie is milk-pie with crispy thin skin and sweet milky topping. The other one is more like Bakpia, small round shaped sweet rolls with various sweet filling, from the traditional pia to the modern one with crispy skin. They are all know to be packed with attractive packaging as gifts.

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