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Living in Bali is a dream. If you can bear paying outrageous price for wine and liquors here, then living in Bali is pretty nice. You can live in a villa with pool for less than $800/month. Sweet!

We don’t live in a villa, but the house we stay at is quite big for our standard. Having it cleaned properly is a challenge, especially not in this humid Bali weather. Before we moved in, we search around for a cleaning service company to do it for us. After coming for inspection they quoted us 1.7 million rupiahs for deep cleaning service, or around US$125. The job will be done in two days by three guys. It might look cheap, but mind you, the minimum monthly wage for one person in Bali is from 1.8 million rupiahs to 2 million, so we were actually paying for a lot of money for Bali standard.

The result? It was decent and we were happy with the result, but spending $125 for cleaning too often is not sustainable, we are not rich. Finally, last week we found out that Go-Clean service, from Gojek has actually been available in Bali. So far this service only covers Badung (Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, etc) and Denpasar (Renon, Sanur, Teuku Umar, etc) Regencies, so we are lucky to live in one of these areas. The app is pretty easy to use. You open Gojek app, choose Go-Clean feature. Choose your area, schedule the time and how many rooms or bathrooms need cleaning to provide cost projection. You can choose to have the number of cleaner to do this work and you just pay their hourly rate, which is very very affordable 35k rupiah/hour or less than $3.

We booked for two cleaners to clean 4 rooms, a balcony and 2 bathrooms for Sunday at 16.00. They confirmed immediately through the app and by email. The cleaners who were booked for the job also called my phone to confirm the work. Things seemed to work so well. Go-Clean projected the work will take around 3 hours and we had to pay the guys 105k rupiah each. Great!

The first cleaner came at 16.00, and the second one was late because he was caught in traffic jam. Each brought a big duffel bag with cleaning equipment and wear uniform. Everything looked very professional. Even though they never worked together before, they seemed to get along pretty quickly and worked side by side in cleaning our house. One focused on downstairs and the other focused on upstairs. The guy who came first finished upstairs early and immediately helped the second guy finish things downstairs. We were quite happy with their work. They scrubbed and cleaned with power and the result was good. They ended up working for 4 hours and we paid them accordingly plus tip. It felt really good to have a clean house and not break the bank. If you live in Badung or Denpasar regency, we suggest you to give them a try.

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