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Internet Review: Indihome

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If you somehow need to send your blood pressure to the roof and experience how it feels to be furious, cheated, and back-stabbed without involving romance, or maybe you feel that you've reached the state of bliss where nothing can bother you and you want to test your patience level?

Well, here is what you could do: go to the nearest Telkom Plaza and subscribe to their notorious Indihome internet package.

As you can see from their promotion online, their fiber optic service can give you phone, internet, and cable TV (3in1) seamlessly. Their up to 100 mbps speed is a dream. That’s exactly the reason why we subscribed last May.

Ever since we moved to our current house in 2015, we kept following up with Telkom if their fiber optic network had reached our neighborhood. We subscribed to Biznet in the meantime, paying 550k per month for just their internet, getting 50mbps and later upgraded to 100mbps. We are happy with Biznet, but of course their down time/cable fixing/undersea cable repairs/etc from time to time was a bit annoying when you’re having “one of those days” where you just need internet for work and the service is down.

October 2015 I saw Indihome trucks nearby and quickly asked them if their fiber optic has reached our neighborhood, they checked and said yes. Great! I signed up immediately, giving them my address, copy of ID, phone number, etc., etc. They promised to follow up and send some technicians to set me up. They told me that highest speed available for my area is only 10 mbps, and we were fine with it because we would keep using biznet and use Indihome only for backup. Paying extra 350k didn't seem bad for getting back up cable TV, 10 mbps internet and landline.

Unfortunately, for two months, nobody showed up. Calls after calls to 147 (their customer service) ended up with them saying, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll send someone soon.”

When we were fed up by this, we went to Telkom Plaza to get them on it. And right there, after waiting in line for almost 2 hours, they told me that their marketing lied to get as many customers as possible, while the infrastructure itself was not ready. They apologized and told us that our area was actually not yet covered by their fiber optic service.

Fine. At least someone was finally being honest. I told them to let me know when their fiber optic has been available in our area for real.

May 2016 I got the call from Telkom saying that they have finally extended their coverage and now we could really get indihome with their fiber optic service. I confirmed subscription immediately. The technicians came when I was overseas and I only heard the report from my household assistant. Things looked fine. As planned, we didn’t cancel our Biznet subscription because Indihome was meant for backup. We realized that we should never rely on just one provider.

For three months, I was mostly out of town or overseas and didn’t really check Indihome service. Everyone at home didn’t report anything unusual because they mostly connected to biznet for internet and watched TV on Transvision cable service, Indihome was just there as backup and often times the backup was not needed. Basically that was how Indihome got away with their shitty service for months.

When my partner came in September 2016 he started noticing a loose cable hanging from the ceiling, looking like fiber optic cable. He checked the speed and from the 10 mbps that was promised, Indihome only capped it at 3 mbps. The cable TV was lagging because the connection was too slow to watch online TV. We thought there might be a problem with the cable or router because we didn’t get the promised speed. So I called 147 and made reports that it needed some fixing. The loose cable might be the culprit because the technicians didn’t seem to set up everything properly. One frickin month passed by without any technicians coming and countless calls made to 147. That started to feel like dejavu to us.

Finally I went to Telkom Plaza on October 24 to get to the bottom of the problem. And you know what? The customer service finally told me the truth. The cable was intentionally prepared to someday connect to the the real fiber optic when it is available in our area. In the meantime, they lied to us saying that fiber optic service was already available so we would subscribe. So what really happened was, they were giving us Indihome service with copper wire while waiting for the real fiber optic to get there. That explained the slow speed and the lagging internet TV, but claiming that it is the fiber optic product nonetheless.

I was so mad that I asked to unsubscribe right away. They made me sign an agreement with duty stamp to confirm my unsubscribing to Indihome and told me I still have to pay for the service until November, otherwise they won’t let me unsubscribe. Customers are king in Indonesia, except for Telkom’s. I had no choice but to pay. So in total I had paid for a service that I didn't get for 7months, because they lied to get me to subscribe. How is that even legal?

You know what happened when I was overseas in December? They called and said I still had to pay Indihome for December. My assistant had to go to Telkom Plaza and wait in line 4 hours just to show them the stamped agreement that we had unsubscribed to Indihome. They clarified this and said there won’t be any more charges in future.

Well, guess who just called me half hour ago and demanded me to make the payment for Indihome service in January?

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By | Aug 03 2018 at 08:37

If you want to experience the smell of an Internet technician, call them and within an hour of arriving at your place your room will stink, its the same, no matter which company you are using, so be prepared when your internet goes down for the stink of your life.

By Admin | Aug 03 2018 at 14:18

Very true!

By | Nov 24 2017 at 13:34

I took the IndiHome package Internet/tV cable and landline. The phone has not worked since March but since I was out of the country, I could only deal with the issue upon return a month ago today. Everyday since Oct 24 I phoned call centre to hear the same apology and they would send a technician. I went to the office in Denpasar , I went to the service office on Jalan Tondano... nothing ever changed except mounting frustration. They have their speech memorized and this all you get "sorry"
Call centre will issue a ticket ( I got 5 in a month) but it means absolutely nothing. I asked what had happened to the previous 4 tickets and the agent said they were closed!!!!! (without even checking if the problem had been solved)

By Admin | Nov 24 2017 at 14:32

I feel your pain! And the worst part; this kind of customer service seems to be the norm everywhere.

"we are sorry"
"passing your complaint on to the relevant department"
"nothing I can do, these are the procedures"


breath in...breath out.. (and maybe try Biznet?)

By | Nov 24 2017 at 14:50

Thank you for your comments. 2weeks ago, I contacted Biznet but unfortunately they said they do not Cover my area at this time.

By | Aug 21 2017 at 19:09

Telkom Indie Home is run by the SPG system. All full of false promises and very little to none in backup service. I the last 2 years I’ve had to wait up to 1 week for a “technician” - better described as a kuli - to arrive after 20 odd complaint calls - and only to tell me its a technical fault at the exchange. Government institutions in Indonesia don’t work. The bigger the size - the bigger the arrogance - only to be outweighed by the bigger size of non performance. Telkom could not be financially or service viable in the real world of international telecommunication. It only exists here by the ignorance of customers not knowing how to - or not being able - to freely chose an alternative provider. No wonder so many people laugh loudly about Indonesian “service”.
Telkom is the leader here of providing a rubbish service dished up in a fancy sales packet with an even fancier price.

By Admin | Aug 24 2017 at 10:29


By | Aug 24 2017 at 11:11

I feel ya!

By | Jun 17 2017 at 17:12

wow indihome still have many problem,and they did not want to repaire the problem, Indihome is expensive

By | Aug 24 2017 at 11:13

Yes, they are quite pricey compared to other ISP in Jakarta, I have 20mbps fiber optic internet connection in Jakarta for 200k, and with Indihome it costs double that.

By | Mar 14 2017 at 02:28

I'm wondering if, when they finally install real fibre optic, the speed is any good.. Anyone has any (positive) experiences?

By | Aug 24 2017 at 11:11

We just have the 20 mbps and internet TV package for 400k-ish. The download speed is 20 mbps but upload only 5. No complaint so far, but it's only been 2 weeks.

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