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Lovina Festival 2015 is ready to commence

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Lovina Festival is around the corner!

The Culture and Tourism Board of Buleleng is ready to hold the Lovina Festival on October 1st 2015, with theme "The Peace and Harmony of Lovina" according to I Gede Suyasa.

The Head of Culture and Tourism Board of Buleleng said that the festival is a real manifest in involving different elements of associations including: The Government, the tourism Industry, and local residents to closely work together. The festival will be attended by the members of Sail Indonesia 2015 “Wonderful Sail Indonesia”, also domestic and foreign tourists.

“Members of 'Rally Yacht' Yayasan Cinta Bahari Antar Nusa have confirmed their attendance and will be accompanied by around 66 yachts to the festival,” said Suyasa. He also said that the festival this year will showcase all tourism potentials of the area and will be an improvement from last year’s festival. Some of unique traditional art performances are “Sampi Gerumbungan”, “Shang Hyang Legong Dedari”, “Sang Hyang Memedi” and “Selat Segara” massal dance.

An additional stage will be arranged in Kaliasem village so more artists can perform. There will be modern music bands and art exhibitions at the festival, one can find many attractions from art stands, culinary stalls, and much more, "We expect that this festival to promote tourism and help improve the economy in Buleleng,” he added.


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