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Netflix now available in Indonesia

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Good news for all you screen junkies!  Since January 6 2016 Netflix is also available in Indonesia!

This was announced by Reed Hastings during his speech at CES in Las Vegas.

As we can see right now, accounts created from within Indonesia are limited to watching content produced by Netflix. Accounts that have been created from overseas seem to have access to the same content they have back home.

If you are still stuck with a slow internet connection and are unable to use Netflix, read this article on Internet in Bali to find a faster alternative, such as Biznet or Indihome.

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By Admin | Oct 10 2017 at 00:44

Netflix is not blocked by the government, only by Telkomsel (Indonesia's largest telecom provider). They do this because they have their own competing video product.

If you are tech savvy it's not difficult to unblock, see

Decent ISPs don't block Netflix, check out biznet

By NMLK Team | Oct 09 2017 at 23:33

9 oktober 2017: Netflix in Bali is NOT AVAILIBLE at all and blocked by the government! Also people frome out of Indonesia can't watch Netflix.

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