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Spaghetti and Pizza with Balinese Spices, A Unique Effort in Preserving the Culture

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Who does not like pizza or spaghetti? The famous dishes from Italy might be on everybody’s food list. But how about pizza or spaghetti a la Bali?

Around a week ago a bazaar with Balinese food as the theme was held by the Student Organisation of Dharma Duta Faculty, IHDN Denpasar at Warung Mantep, Jl. Nova 111, Denpasar.

Interviewed by Tribun Bali, I Putu Gede Buda Mardiksa Putra the coupon coordinator told it was the first time for the bazaar to serve traditional Balinese food.

“We adopted the Balinese food theme in order to preserve the island's traditional culture. It is certainly essential especially we know that the bazaar has always been all about fast food in the past years,” said the young fellow, whom is casually known as Olle.

Olle explained it was time for the bazaar to ‘slow down’ on fast food, otherwise the traditional Balinese food would fall far under the shadow and fame of fast food shadow. Moreover, Bali people should implement more of appreciation on the heritage food so that the local business market could be as recognisable as the foreigner's.

“We are as well targeting the young people, as there are not many young people that are proud to eat Balinese food nowadays,” he said.

Obviously, there is a wide variety of delicious Balinese food served at the Bazaar, such as grilled ribs, rice cake, soto Balung (leg bones soup; could be beef or pork), grilled satay, rujak, pizza, spaghetti, and more, as explained by Olle.

Interestingly, unlike any other Italian pizzas or spaghettis, the Italian signature food served there used Balinese ingredients and spices which, of course, also was adjusted to the Bali youngsters’ taste.

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