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Sweet "Bloody Valentine", Another Way of Expressing Your Love

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Photo credits: Flickr - Liviu Ghemaru

Valentine’s day is known as the day when some people decide to express their love (more) to their loved ones.

We know love and affection certainly can be expressed by anyone regardless their age nor they way they do it, it is only as far as having the good will. However, expressing it with chocolate or flowers is apparently not the only way, even “blood” could be used as a way.

Having said that, showing affection through blood in this case means nothing else but blood donation. That was what the resident of Lembah Pujian complex in Denpasar have done last Sunday (14/02/2016).

“We believe love and affection are not merely about flowers or chocolate, but it can also be in form of a blood donation to help people in need,” said Lukas Bundi the committee of the Valentine’s blood donation.

The donation activity held on Valentine’s day was (of course) seen as a good thing, because of the increasing demand of blood, particularly HB component in blood which is highly needed these days due to the unfortunately emerging dengue disease.

In theory, according to the Director of Blood Transfusion Unit of PMI Bali, Doctor Anak Agung Sagung Mas Dwipayani, they need 116 volunteer donors each day to keep up with the demand, and luckily they received a sufficient amount of blood donations to cover on the lovey dovey day.

On the other hand, the donors were seemingly to be fond of the event which could be seen from their happy faces, “We are very grateful that we still can share what we ‘have’ with others who need it the most,” said the married couple, Seno and Erna, after donating their blood.

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