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The Blind Teenager Who Achieves Gold Medals in Championships

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Photo credits: Flickr - Taymaz Valley

It is like a breathe of fresh air to know that for some people, physical disability does not stop them from good deeds and achieving impressive accomplishments.

Made Ariyanti Putri is one example, the nineteen-year-old girl who studies at Special School type A Denpasar, grade 3 has achieved many things beyond anybody could imagine, knowing about her ‘situation’.

Even though the girl from Sukawati has been blind since she was a young child, she has achieved gold medals at numerous of athletic championships at a regional and national level.

Putri loved sports since she was 12 years old, and has continued to be motivated to pursue sports as her passion. It is understandable that at first, the cheerful girl was not optimistic about her capability in her beloved sports, seeing the physical limitation to her sight. However, with determined and diligent training Putri began to reap her reward with the medals and championships she achieved during her teenage years.

The achievements she has accomplished so far are:
- Gold and bronze medals on a national competition in 2009 in Jogjakarta,
- Gold medal on National Paralimpiade Week (Peparnas) in 2012 in Riau,
- Silver and bronze medals on Asean Youth Para Games in 2013,
- Three Gold medals on Peparprov 2014 in Bali
- Gold medal on Athletic Competition in 2015

Although Putri had always had a limited vision since the day she was born, it still took time for her to accept ‘her blind condition' until she decided joining the special school, as she had always felt that nothing was particularly different from any other kids. “I used to think that I was not ‘blind', but I understood it after my doctor explained that I have an abnormal vision limitation,” Putri stated.

After some adjustment and years of adaptation, Putri eventually felt the keen learning at the special school, in fact she even desires to be a teacher and would go back to the school to teach there.

After reading this, who would still complain again?

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