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The natural beauty of Bali captured in 10 photos

There's so much natural beauty to be found in Bali. Here's 10 photographs we've found that managed to capture that beauty perfectly.

Melasti Beach

Photo by Pandu Adnyana

Bali rice paddies

Photo by Christopher Chan

Wild Bali monkeys in Padang Padang

Photo by Adde Adesokan

Farmer working in the rice fields

Photo by Aurélien

Sunset at Kuta beach

Photo by Ketut Bolank

An early morning sunrise

Photo by Robert Aycock

Lake Tamblingan

Photo by Ketut Bolank

Lake Bratan

Photo by Sylve

Belimbing rice fields

Photo by Edmund Lowe


Photo by Didan Rachmat


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By MrBig | Mar 14 2017 at 02:51

Wow! Those images are amazing!

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