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Three Women Determined to Run Around Bali Island for One Week

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It is undebatable that when it comes to enjoying the beauty of Bali to the full, walking or running would be a better option compared to driving with vehicle. Three women are reportedly going to go around the island by running for a week straight.

The three ‘wonder women' are Valentine Lily (51) from Indonesia, Sara Giraldo (30) from Colombia, and Stacy Stube (31) an Indonesian blood woman from USA. Among the three, Lily is considered as the leader.

“I highly admire Lily, Indonesia definitely should recognise this woman, she has represented Indonesia on numbers of international level events, yet the country doesn’t know that. At her 51st year age, Lily has been and still runs hundreds of kilometres which inspired me to join her on this running around Bali plan,” said Stacy, who is originally a mixed between Medan and USA.

According to Stacy, Lily’s passion for running has led to founding a community for those who are a sucker for running, called ‘Bali Runners' in which most of the members are housewives. Lily mentioned that the running plan across/around Bali started on October 17 until October 25 is an independent run without any supervision, except the Bali Runners community itself.

“We will be running for a week, and the distance reached in a day would be 80 km. However, weather will be taken into consideration, so we can decide whether we start the run in the morning or in the evening,” the founder explained.

Lily points out that the 535 km run around Bali is also part of her preparation to attend a global event next year, which is a marathon run taken place in North Pole with distance of 630 km, followed with next run throughout mountain range in Croatia for 130 km.

Back to the Bali plan, the three women will start the run on Saturday, October 17 2015 at 06.30 AM (Bali local time). Starting on Jalan Sunset Road Seminyak, routing to Ungasan, Benoa, Jimbaran, Canggu, Tanah Lot Tabanan, Lovina Singaraja, Amed Karangasem, Goa Lawah Klungkung, Ida Bagus Mantra Gianyar, Padang Galak Sanur, Serangan, returning back via Bypass Ngurah Rai Dewa Ruci, and will finally end the run in Seminyak. “Total distance for all routes is 535 km,” Lily said.

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