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Tips for watching dolphins in Lovina

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Photo credits: I. Brands

Dolphins are the main attraction for this sleepy fisherman village in the north. Here's some tips for you if you want to watch the dolphins.

  1. Try to visit in low season. During high season the number of dolphins are easily outnumbered by the number of boats
  2. Go to bed early the nigh before, the dolphin tours start around 05:30
  3. Don't book through a hotel or tour agency. You'll get the best price when dealing with the locals directly. Just hang around the beach and they will approach you. Expect to pay around 250.000 for a private boat or 75.000 per person for a shared boat
  4. Bring a sweater or jacket, it might be cold during early morning
  5. If you have motion sickness take some anti-motion sickness pills before you depart


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