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Warning Given over Sunset Road Construction

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Wayan Adnyana the member of Bali parliament warns the contractor in charge of the project on Sunset Road Kuta that neglects the safety of the motorists due to the lack of necessary traffic signs.

“I give a warning to the Board of National Road Executive (BPJN) to address the project contractor that is doing the construction on the west side of Sunset Road in Kuta, because there have been many victims of accidents caused from the contractor’s disregard for correctly setting up the traffic signs and project mechanism,” said Adnyana who is also an expert in construction, last Saturday.

He urges the BPJN to address this issue and give warning to the disobedient contractor for ignoring the motorists and pedestrians' safety.

“As a senator, I am concerned with the project’s condition. It must take into account the continuing change in traffic during the day and night and address the project to reflect the traffic conditions. For instance, during the traffic peak hours the construction should be suspended and delayed until later at night where the traffic is lighter so it would minimize the danger to road users and pedestrians,” said the Democrat Party politician.

He states, the contractor have to prioritize people’s safety and not only the project itself which has caused a number of traffic accidents.

Previously, a resident Nyoman Astama claimed that his partner had been one of accident victims who fell down because of the ‘untidy’ construction on Sunset Road. “Last Sunday, my late-friend named Made Budi Mastina from Mengwi died from an accident when he was coming back home from work at night. After being treated at Sanglah Hospital since October 13th, however he eventually passed away today. I am in a deep mourning, he had two little kids”.

Nyoman was referring to the road construction on the west side of Sunset Road between the Toyota Dealer and Kunti Seminyak Street that was laying new concrete.

“Unfortunately the project contractor carrying out the work seems not to regard the road users’ safety at all. Last Sunday I passed the road and did not see any traffic signs dividing the construction away from the accessible road. You even can see uncovered steel reinforcing bars from coming out of the concrete which is very dangerous,” he said.

There is no additional street lights to warn the road users showing that the road is under construction. There is supposed to be warning signs with flashing lights before the construction area. Not to mention the dust caused from vehicles passing.

Nyoman wonders why the project contractor did not think that their neglect work would kill some people, “This construction has killed my friend”.

He deeply hopes there will be a strict regulations applied by the government to the respective contractor. And if they cannot apply a proper safety standard to both workers and road users, there would be strict fines, contract discontinuation, or even the project permit revocation.

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