Once you lay your eyes on Penglipuran Village it can be rest assured that you are seeing nothing but Bali’s beauty. Here is where the other side of Bali is forming an ‘oh so pretty’ and traditional village.

Balinese houses are built on both left and right sides, no asphalt but natural stones used as the road of the village that is located in Bangli regency.

The contour is shaped the same as terraces, reminding us the view of how Bali is represented in movies or tourism advertising. As fas as you can see is green grass, trees, and beautiful flowers complementing the houses.

Let’s talk about the village name, Penglipuran means literally in Balinese language as ‘Pengeling Pura’ which can be defined in English as a sacred place to contemplate about their forbearers. It can be seen at the main temple where the villagers go for praying.

Each house in the village has a similar style of a door called ‘angko-angko’ that is made of clay. On the edges of angko-angko, there is a board with information of the owner of the house and its family members. This angko-angko is deliberately made in such a small size so that motorbike cannot be fitted in or through the house.

With a total of two hundreds of houses that are built beautifully and in order, its villagers are ready to welcome tourists who pay a visit to their village. The residents of Penglipuran Village also have a reputation as being kind and friendly.

However, tourists are expected to behave politely and well-mannered, taking photographs randomly-unthoughtfully is certainly not advised as the area is still a residence and the houses do have its residence.

The village located 700 metres above sea level has received the prestigious Kalpataru award for its beauty, and is often used as a camera shooting location.

One should definitely check this village out.