Wirya Anthony, a 35 year old male with his friends were enjoying the underwater tourism in Jungut Batu waters, Lembongan island.

The domestic tourist from Surabaya, is pretty impressed with the snorkelling in the area of Jungut Batu. Having less than 3 meters depth, the waters offer you crystal clear blue water and variety of fish that can be ‘lured’ if you bring bread to feed them while snorkelling .

It seems that the fish are used to having tourists around them. They don’t seem bothered at all.

“This place is just wonderful. The coral reefs are still in good condition, and there are a lot of fish. It is such a delightful underwater experience in this exotic natural environment,” said Wirya after snorkelling.

During high season, there are as many as 3000 tourists that come to Lembongan each day. “August is the highest month of the season, filled with foreign tourists, whereas June and July are the most popular for domestic tourists to come visit the island,” explained a tour guide who is originally from Lembongan, Ketut Risana.

He said most of the tourists that have been dominantly coming to Nusa Lembongan are Chinese and Australians in the last three years. Domestic tourists are often seen spending their time there too.

Ketut Risana informed, that to experience the underwater tourism in Nusa Lembongan at the moment would cost IDR 600,000 per person (around USD $44). The price includes the boat to transport the visitors to the desired spot, snacks, snorkelling equipment, and a snorkelling guide.

“Before commencing the snorkelling, our tour guide would conduct a safety briefing for the tourists,” he said.