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Ayundari Gunansyach

Ayu has always been a writer her whole life, she started at young age writing diary and short stories. After graduated from design school, she spent few years building her career in lifestyle magazines in Jakarta as a writer and editor. After spending one night in the middle of nowhere in Ubud, she fell in love with the town and decided to give up her high heels, all black wardrobe, and leave the hustle and bustle of Jakarta to move to Ubud, and restart her life. Nothing interesting about her, she’s just a typical Ubudian, pretentious and not very fond of other Ubudians. As a self-trained baker, she’s hoping to be reunited with her KitchenAid and oven soon, and be able to woo people with her chocolate chip cookies again. Ayu believes in astrology, sugar, drama, and spending time with loved ones. This former uptown girl is now a Balinese in training.

PS: She didn’t give up her signature red lips.

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