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Heath Werrett

Heath Werrett is a 23 year old newly graduated Journalist from Perth, Western Australia with a strong passion for Bali and writing. Heath had the fortune of travelling with his family to Bali frequently throughout his childhood and his love for the island’s rich culture and physical beauty has seen him constantly returning as often as possible and when his student budget permitted it. With freelance experience gracing the front cover of the Australian newspaper in June 2015, Heath’s main interests are informing the public on the growing number of unconventional health and wellbeing therapies challenging usual paradigms of modern science, many of which are now being explored on the island of Bali.

Heath is also a keen amateur musician in his spare time and fan of traditional and world music fiddling about with a endless list of weird and wacky instruments such as the tenor saxophone, native american flutes, tibetan singing bowls, lap harps, didgeridoo, clarinet, etc. He hopes to soon move to Ubud full-time to continue his free-lance writing career from the island he loves.

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