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Jessica Liani Suwitro

My name is Jessica Liani Suwitro. I'm 26 years old and married, I'm an Indonesian and a part time Blogger based in Bali. Beauty, Food, and Travelling is my passion. I love writing, going to various events, and taking pictures of everything around me especially beauty and food related, also sharing and blogging about it

Bali is my hometown, I was born and raised here. My grandfather started a family business here and living in Bali ever since. I went to school here until high school and went to college to Surabaya, live there for 4 years but decided to come back to Bali afterwards.

Growing up in Bali makes me see the different and unique culture around here. I love Bali because of the multi cultural people here, meeting new people from all over the world and learning their culture. Bali is a small island but has many to offer. You can find local to international cuisines at ease, living like locals or tourists. I hope I can help you explore more and be ready to get excited.

Twitter: @jcliani
Instagram: jcliani

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