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Stephanie Brookes

Stephanie Brookes is an author and freelance travel writer based in Bali. In March, 2015 she released her first book, "Indonesia's Hidden Heritage - Cultural Journeys of Discovery" at the Museum National in Jakarta. This beautiful book is a traveler’s tale of twelve months of travel across Indonesia visiting twelve different ethnic tribes. It is co-written with her husband, David Metcalf, masterclass photographer and showcases Indonesia with 120 pages of colour photos.

Stephanie is a freelance travel writer. Her career was launched ten years ago in Jakarta where the beauty of the Indonesian landscape, the ethnic diversity and gentleness of the local people inspired her writing passion. Resident of Jakarta for five years and now resident of Bali, Stephanie has traveled extensively across the Indonesian archipelago. Locations include Aceh, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Sumbawa, Komodo Island, Sumatra, Flores, Lombok, Bali, and Java.

Stephanie's stories have been published in Colours (Garuda), Travel 3sixty (Air Asia), Silverkris (Singapore Airlines), The Jakarta Post, Jakarta Globe, NowJakarta, Jakarta online travel, Bali and Beyond and several other travel and lifestyle magazines.

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