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Vina Andriyani

Vina was born and raised in Indonesia and she travels and learns different life perspectives from many people she encounters. Maybe that's why some people often mistake her as not being an Indonesian. She has had her fair share of being mistaken as a Filipina in The Phillipines, a Thai in Thailand, and any random Asian in western countries she has visited. 

She is currently living her dream, working with words and talking a lot (as indonesian interpreter) and getting paid for it. As an interpreter she is often seen in the back parts of hotel conference rooms, inside a booth with microphone and headset on, on some random street helping researchers interviewing people, or in some remote areas in Indonesia. All in all, she loves her job and is proud of it, as you can see in the video below.

She loves writing and her dream is to publish her own book soon. In between work, most of her time is dedicated to explore Bali and Indonesia, taking care of her family of humans and cats and trying to grow vegetables in pots. She can give you a lot of insights about driving in Indonesia since she is an avid driver and a big fan of road tripping. 

If you need help with communication in Indonesian, feel free to ask for her help. She has an awesome team of translators and interpreters working together to provide this service at!

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