Basic Things You Have to Know About Bali Taxis

If you want to go around the island safely and conveniently, your best choice is the Bali Taxis. Most taxi operators are very reliable and their fleet of cars is updated regularly with newer models. Taxis are the best way to visit and explore Bali’s popular resort areas. All you have to do is to wait for a taxi on the roadside and flag them down. Taking the taxi is the surest way to get to your destination without any hassles.

You can easily call for a taxi from the hotel front desk and information counters of shopping malls and restaurants. You can also call them from your mobile phones and an English-speaking operator will talk to you. The typical starting fare for a Bali taxi starts at IDR 7,500 and it will go for IDR 4,000 to 5,000 per kilometre. The usual fare from Kuta to Jimbaran will be around IDR 50,000 to 75,000. You can follow these helpful tips below when you are taking a taxi in Bali.

1. Colors of Taxis

The usual color scheme of taxis in Bali is blue. However, there is a recent trend of placing ads on taxis, which covers the vehicle with colorful decals. The most popular and reputable taxi in Bali is the Blue Bird Taxi that has a light blue color. Other taxis like the Ngurah Rai Airport Taxi are colored navy blue. The Komotra taxi also has a blue color, which is somewhere in between navy blue and light blue.

2. How to Spot if Taxis are Available

The easiest way to spot if the taxis are available is by checking if their roof signs are lit. During daytime, it can be difficult to see if the roof signs are lit up or not. Just flag them down and if they drive by, it means they are not available and you just wait for the next one.

3. Metered or Fixed Rate

Almost all taxis in Bali are metered. When you are already inside the taxi, you can check if the meter is running. If you are coming from the airport, you will probably get the Ngurah Rai Airport Taxi, which is the only operator with a counter in the arrival area. They will show you a fixed prepaid rate table of different areas and its corresponding distances from the airport.

4. Be Considerate to the Traffic

When flagging down a taxi by the roadside, you have to be considerate to the traffic and try to make it swift. You have to understand that the roads in Bali are narrow and always busy. Taxi drivers would probably pull over at the most convenient spot for you but you have to act swiftly to avoid any inconvenience.

5. Always Take the Fastest and Shortest Route

You have to keep in mind that the shortest and the fastest route is always the better choice. Beware of taxis that take long detours so they can keep the meter counting. You can study the area before your trip or look at the local map. If you have complaints, look for the driver ID and the armada number that are often placed on the dashboard.

6. Have Your Address Ready and Available

Taxi drivers may be a good source of information for the latest bars or the cheapest hotels to stay but there are others who don’t have this information. You also should not expect all taxi drivers to speak fluent English. In order to make things easier for you and the driver, you should have the address of your destination available.

7. Keep Small Change

Not every driver in Bali is trustworthy and honest. Some of them might tell you they don’t have any spare change or they will ask for an extra charge for multiple passengers. It is better if you agree on a rate beforehand to avoid these hassles. You should also have extra small change such as IDR 5,000 or 10,000 bills. It is a common practice in Bali to round off the fare to the nearest IDR 5,000, just consider it as a tip.

8. Watch Out for Motorcycles When Disembarking

Remember that Bali roads are full of motorcycles so you have to be careful when you are getting out of the taxi. Always disembark from the left side of the taxi and look behind before opening the door. It is very common for motorcycles to do undercutting or zig-zagging between cars. Just make sure there are no vehicles or approaching motorcycles behind before you open the door.

9. Don’t Forget Your Belongings

Before you get out of the taxi, you should check if you are not forgetting any of your belongings inside the vehicle. It is a good idea to get the customer service number of the taxi, the driver’s ID information and the armada number when you are inside the taxi. The contact information would be very helpful in case you forgot your belongings in the taxi.

10. Useful Taxi Numbers in Bali

Blue Bird Taxi: +62 (0)361 701 111
Ngurah Rai Taxi (Airport cooperative): +62 (0)361 724 724
Komotra Taxi: +62 (0)361 249 249
Wahana Taxi: +62 (0)361 244 555
Kowinu Bali Taxi: +62 (0)361 773 030

11. Bonus tip

Blue Bird has an excellent app for your smartphone, making it very easy to order a taxi. Download the iphone version here or download the android version here.