Loving sea creatures and looking for a new adventure? Then try diving. Diving may be sound hard and scary, but once you try it, you will get addicted. For a new diver, choosing the right place to learn diving is important. And we recommend you to Bali. Bali is known as the heaven for divers. With lots of beautiful sea creatures, Bali is famous for many diving sites, and it will be the best place to experience the real diving. Want to know the best diving spots in Bali? Here they are:

1. Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is surrounded by beautiful corals. It is a home for sea turtles, batfish, snapper fish, and sea eels. The corals are located pretty close to the seashore, so you can explore it by snorkeling.
The best diving site in Menjangan Island is the Anker Wreck, a 150-year-old wooden boat that is lying 40 meters deep under the sea. With clear visibility and light current, Menjangan Island is the best diving site for beginners.

2. Nusa Penida

For skillful divers, this is the best place for diving. Nusa Penida is located near Selat Lombok and famous for its ocean sunfish and manta ray fish. Ocean sunfish or mola-mola is the heaviest bony fish in the world and weight between 247-1000 kilograms. It is really fascinating to see a big sea creature right in front of your eyes.

Nusa Penida is popular with nine diving sites: Manta Point, Crystal Bay (popular with anemone and soft corals), Gamat Bay, Malibu Point (popular with ocean sunfish and manta ray fish), Lembongan Bay, Toyapakeh (popular with crystal clear sea that overlay with beautiful corals), Blue Corner, Sampalan, and SD Point.

3. Candi Dasa

Candi Desa is a small village in East Bali that popular as a tourist attraction especially its undersea adventure. You can enjoy the undersea adventure in Gili Tepekong, a group of islands that become a home for hundreds of sea creatures, like soft corals, sea fan, big batfish, and trevallies. You could also find reef sharks in Gili Mimpang and a huge pack of Fusiliers in Gili Biaha.

4. Pemuteran

Pemuteran has a great combination of mountains and the biggest corals overlay in Bali that provides you an amazing view. You will like Napoleon Reef, a diving site with beautiful soft corals, and Close Encounter with its beautiful and colorful nudibranch.
There are four others diving sites that you can visit with more unique sea creatures.

5. Tulamben

Tulamben is the most famous diving site in Bali. It is located at the base of Gunung Agung. The most favorite diving site is the remains of USS Liberty that sunk over 70 years ago in World War II and it becomes a home for hundreds of sea creatures. If you dive hundreds of meters away deeper, you will find Seraya Secret diving site. It has black sands and pro divers usually come to find harlequin shrimp, pipefish, giant tiger prawn, and rare nudibranch.

Being under the sea and seeing the other side of the world could be the best experience you could ever ask. With the best diving spots in Bali, you could get that experience. If you are a beginner diver, make sure you are supervised by a professional diver. Enjoy your adventure!