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birthday in bali

I have been travelling for a while now and i'm now living in Australia, but it's my 21st at the end of August so my mumma is coming over to visit and i'm meeting her in Bali but I'm not sure where to go on my actual birthday with her, I want somewhere which is exciting, with nice bars for the evening etc but also beautiful and full of culture, any ideas?

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By Admin | Apr 19 2018 at 23:38

It kind of depends on your budget and the level of luxury you want.

For example Nusa Dua (located: is pretty posh but equally expensive.

Canggu is also great; and a bit more affordable

Culture wise Ubud has the most to offer;

It's easy to find a driver with car to take you on day trips, expect to pay around 30-60 USD per day, depending on demand (don't forget to give the driver some money to buy food and drinks for himself)

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