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I am trying to use a Cashcard NPBS - CHS account (not credit or debit card) to withdraw cash from an ATM. I used it last time I was in Bali in March at the Hardy’s Sanur atm outside to withdraw cash but staying in Kuta and tried literally 25 machines and they are not accepting this card. Can anyone help please? Haven’t got enough cash to get back to Sanur so that’s out unfortunately. Thank you

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By Chatlad | Oct 04 2018 at 10:52

Thank you for your reply Admin. Realised I’d taken the wrong card so all good now.
Appreciate your help

By Admin | Oct 01 2018 at 19:00

Do the symbols (like visa, mastercard, etc) on the back of your card match with any of the ATM's symbols?
Have you told your bank you will be in Indonesia (some banks block usage outside of the country)

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