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Ron Lilleys Bali Snake Patrol contact details?

Hi! I see I have a message from Alan King. He wants to send me a snake photo and asks for my email address. Several other people have asked this too. I can see no way of responding directly to
him from the balipedia page, although this can be a matter of urgency and safety. Could you please add this to your page and pass on my email address and contact number to everyone, or at least make them accessible to your readers? My address is [email protected] and my Facebook page is Ron Lilleys Bali Snake Patrol. Send snake photos for identification to my phone via Whatsapp. I also give advice on snakeproofing, snakebite first aid, and other snake- and wildlife-related issues to the public, businesses and schools. Many thanks! Ron.

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By Vina | Oct 20 2017 at 11:10

Hi Ron, thank you for this suggestion. I will put your contacts details on on our website and the snake article. I thought we did already. :).

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