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The snakes of Bali

Bali has 35 species of snakes, but only six of them are dangerous. Here are the 6 snakes you need to be careful with

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Is Bali going to be the next Silicon Valley?

Jun 23 2017

More and more digital nomads flock to Bali's coworking spaces.. Startups seem to leave Silicon Valley for Bali

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Life inside Kerobokan

Jun 19 2017

For the first time ever a camera crew was able to film inside the infamous Kerobokan prison

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Why Is Alcohol So Expensive in Bali?

Jun 2 2017

Alcohol can be found easily on the island. However, the price is higher than in many western cities and other tropical tourist destinations in Asia.

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When is the best time to visit Bali?

Apr 10 2017

A short article explaining the best time to come and visit Bali

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Adult man swallowed in whole by a gigantic python

Mar 31 2017

In Sulawesi, an island in Indonesia, villagers found a python had swallowed one of their neighbours

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