Loads of Fun Things to do in Canggu 

A hub of activities, restaurants, bars and parties, it is hard to know what things to do in Canggu. Whether you are planning a week-long trip, or looking to make the area home, this breakdown will give you an idea of the best places to hang out, where to relax, and where to eat. For […]

Detailed Bali Packing List for Every Type of Getaway

You have your ticket, a list of must-see attractions and an empty suitcase. So, what should you pack for a trip to Bali? Well don’t worry, I’ve got you. I have created the ultimate Bali packing list to ensure you are covered from head to toe. For families, backpackers, rainy season and more, you will […]

Is Bali Safe? – Tips and Tricks for a Safe Bali Stay

We all have that one overly-cautious family member who can bring a damper to any happy occasion. You finally booked your long-awaited ticket to paradise when they ask – ‘but, is Bali safe?’  Over the past few years, Western news stations have reported on Bali’s natural disasters with an ominous tone, creating fear around travelling […]

Where to Stay in Bali for an Amazing Island Getaway

You’ve already done your research of which places you would like to see during your trip to Bali. You have a list of restaurants you want to try, beaches you want to relax on and landscapes you would like to witness, but where should you stay in Bali? Each traveller is lured to the island […]