Best Places to Shop til’ You Drop in Bali

Any good Bali adventure is filled with long days on the beach, adventures exploring the landscape, evenings eating too much, and, of course, hours of retail therapy. When you are looking to escape from the heat, and give your credit card a work out, Bali is packed full of incredible shopping centres that offer branded […]

Best Cooking Classes to Try in Bali

I was lucky enough to travel to Bali as a kid, and I will always remember the incredible foods that I devoured, and then craved upon returning back to England. Nasi kuning, soto ayam, babi guling, sambal matah – these are just a few of those tastes that you try once, and they never leave […]

All the Must-Visit Temples in Bali

One of Bali’s most magical and beautiful allures is its incredible collection of ancient Hindu temples, and stunning religious structures. Dotted across the landscape on towering cliff sides and luscious lake sides, the majority of these temples are still actively used as a place of worship for the local Balinese Hindus. Along with bright colours, […]