To state the obvious, Bali is a beach-lovers heaven.

From pebble beaches to perfect white sand, rocky cliffside hidden beaches to volcanic black sand – it truly is paradise.

There are bustling beaches for people-watching, serene, peaceful hideaways, and surfers havens where the waves are EPIC.

This guide to the best beaches in Bali covers every inch of the island – North to South, East to West.

Strap in, we are about to venture all across Bali.

Seminyak Beach – For the All-Day Beach-Goer

When my family visit Bali, one of their favourite things to do is have a morning till evening beach session. They will rent day beds, lounge in the sun, buy cold drinks from the beach bars and watch people passing by all-day-long. Sticking around to end their tropical day with a magical sunset.

Seminyak beach is one of the best beaches in Bali for an all-day beach sesh. Packed with rentable beds, beach bars, surf schools and roaming sellers, there is something to suit every type of beach lounger.

Take your chance at some surf lessons whilst your loved ones laugh from the sand, enjoy a massage from a friendly local lady selling handmade bracelets and colourful sarongs, sip ice-cold beers from the sandy bars and wander the nearby streets to find snacks and restaurants. If you aren’t into lazing around, Seminyak beach is packed with action.

Home to beach clubs, resorts and restaurants, Seminyak beach is not only great for a day visit, but its close by to all the best things to do in Seminyak!

Jimbaran Beach – Best Sunset Meals

Less than 20 minutes from the airport, Jimbaran bay is an area filled with sumptuous resorts, fancy restaurants and leads into the rocky cliff sides of Uluwatu.

With some of the softest white sand on the island, Jimbaran beach is a calm beach where you can unwind, relax and enjoy some peace. That is until late-afternoon when the crowds start pouring in for the famous Jimbaran seafood dinners.

Lined with 10s of seafood restaurants right on the sand, each spot offers a tasty, ultra-fresh seafood dinner where you select your own fish, sauce and sides and tuck in while a magnificent sunset takes place overhead.

Dig your toes into the sand and drool over the incredible fresh tastes, these beachside restaurants lure in domestic and international tourists alike. It is one of the best things to do in Jimbaran.

After a long day of relaxing in the sun, you can end your day in tropical heaven with a grand fish feast.

Nusa Dua Beach – Perfect Beach for Families

Nusa Dua beach is well-known for being one of the safest, and best, beaches in Bali for families. Thanks to a shallow tide and slow current, the ocean is great for swimming and playing with the kids.

This family-friendly beach has beautiful white sand, clear waters and hosts the biggest range of water sports on the island.

With banana boats, inflatable donuts, paragliding, jet skis, glass-bottom boats and snorkelling trips, you don’t need to worry about the children getting bored. You can venture out onto the waves for fun activities with your family before heading back to the sand to relax on a sun bed and soak up some sun.

Nusa Dua beach is lined with restaurants, and is just a short walk from Nusa Dua shopping centre for when the sun gets too hot, and you need some air-conditioning to cool down and gather yourself.

Bingin Beach – A Picturesque Island Beach

What’s worth having is worth fighting for.. 

Not necessarily a fight, but the walk down to Bingin beach is definitely a work out – and worth it!

After descending the 188 shallow, tall, jutting and slanted steps, you begin to question whether the pure white sandy beach and crystal turquoise waters are actually worth the struggle. But then, you step down the last step, your toes reach the granules of sand and your eyes land on the picture-perfect ocean, and every aching muscle is forgotten – it’s paradise.

Bingin beach is the epitome of tropical island perfection – have you guessed that it’s my favourite beach in Bali yet? 

For experienced surfers, it is a famous surfing spot with intense short waves and epic surf breaks that can even challenge the pros. If you aren’t equipped with your own gear, the beach is packed with rental services that offer boards of every size.

If you are like me, and like to sunbathe, eat and hang out, Bingin is also one of the chillest beaches in Bali where you can lay out on the sand, take a seat in one of the restaurants and dip into the coral filled waters to cool off – anything goes! It is a relatively small beach and can get crowded quickly, so head there early.

By far at the top of the list with the most beautiful beaches in Bali, Bingin beach is a must-visit for every traveler.

There are some truly incredible Bingin villas sitting right of the cliffside for undisturbed ocean views, and easy beach access.

Batu Bolong Beach – A Canggu Favourite

One of the most popular beaches in Canggu, Batu Bolong beach sits at the end of the main street of Canggu’s happening scene. Overlooked by The Lawn, it is a chill spot with bean bags, sun beds, surf schools and bars.

Batu Bolong is my favourite beach for hanging out with friends and letting my dogs run in the ocean. Perched on a comfortable bean bag, it’s a great place to enjoy some sun and catch a beautiful tropical sunset.

Early morning surfers tackle the large waves, sun-seekers spend the hot afternoon hours relaxing, and after sunset, the beach turns into a moonlit party with the crowds of Sand Bar dancing in the sand and splashing in the waves.

Thomas Beach – Quietest Beach in Bali

A lesser known Uluwatu beach, Thomas beach is the perfect combination of all the tropical highlights you want.

A quiet and secluded spot, this Bali beach is ideal for honeymooners and those wanting to relax. The sand is filled with sun loungers just steps from the ocean where you can bask in the morning heat, and dip into the crystal clear ocean to cool down.

Thomas beach is just a short walk from restaurants and cafes. You can spend a day enjoying the tropical weather before dining on hearty and fresh meals.

Sanur Beach – Best Beach for Relaxing

Sanur beach is a grand 5km stretch of perfect white sand protected by a long promenade. A favourite spot for cycling and sunrise views, this Bali beach is a quiet and calm place where you can stroll, relax and enjoy the views.

Rent a bicycle and venture the length of the beach with your loved ones. An easy flat ride, even the kids will be able to enjoy this fun activity! Lined with restaurants, luxury resorts and private villas, the beachfront is a hub of activity.

For a relaxing day lounging on the sand or simply watching over the ocean with a cold beer, Sanur beach is one of the best beaches in Bali.

Keramas Beach – Beautiful Black Sand Beach

Away from the crowds of the South Bali, Keramas beach is still relatively unknown, making it a peaceful and uncrowded spot on the East coast. Known among the surfer crowd for its difficult fast waves, it is a favourite with the more experienced and adventurous wave walkers.

Featuring iconic black sand and powerful waters, this is not a spot to head for a family day.

The popular Komune Beach Club sits beside the shores with a bright blue infinity pool contrasting with the dark surroundings. There are also camping spots right on the beach! Fall asleep below the stars with the ocean lulling you to sleep. Perfection!

Melasti Beach – Best White Sand Beach in Bali

The most Southern Bali beach, Melasti beach is a classic Uluwatu cliffside spot with bright white sands and beautiful blue waters. With many twists and turns leading down the limestone cliffs to the sand, there are places to pull over and take some expansive pictures of the tropical views.

A must-visit beach, Melasti is easily accessible and features rentable sun beds and beachside bars where you can relax and enjoy an ice-cold drink. For a day of chilling with friends and basking in the hot island sun, it is one of the best beaches in Bali.

Double Six Beach – Best Beach for Sunset Cocktails

Double Six beach is perfect for lounging in the sun all day long and enjoying some people watching. The sun beds are reasonably priced and come with an umbrella to keep you from turning into a lobster.

However, it’s in the evening when Double Six really starts to buzz. Packed with beachfront bars – including the famous La Plancha – it is the place to go in Seminyak for sunset drinks and tunes with your friends. Chock a-block full of bean bags, it is the ultimate relaxing lazy experience for a beach sunset.

Mushroom Bay Beach – Paradise Island Beach

Let’s escape the main island for a second, and head over to Nusa Lembongan where we are going to find some more incredible beaches!

Mushroom Bay beach is probably the most famous of the Lembongan beaches – and rightfully so! A picture-perfect tropical spot, the white sandy beach and crystal clear turquoise waters are the perfect setting for a chill day with your loved ones.

Just a short walk from mini marts and beachside bars you can relax, snack and sip whilst taking in the incredible paradise island atmosphere. Mushroom Bay beach is a must-see on any stay in Nusa Lembongan.

Echo Beach – Best Surf Beach in Canggu

Echo beach is a popular spot among the Canggu expats for early morning dog walks, beach club hangs and, of course, surfing. For the regulars, you are bound to bump into someone you know, and for the tourists – well, you get to see how the other half lives.

Hosting rustic styled beach bars and clubs – including La Brisa – no matter the time of day, you can relax and eat in comfort.

Echo beach is one of the best surfing beaches in Canggu with powerful waves that lure in beginners and professionals alike.

If you want to conquer the waves or just lay out on the black sand, Echo beach is a social place where you can make new friends and gather with your loved ones.

Amed Beach – Snorkelling Haven

Another East coast beach, Amed is a fairly quiet area of Bali, most often visited by keen snorkelers, divers and hikers. With volcanic black sands, mountain views and quaint local warungs lining the streets, Amed beach is an untouched, peaceful setting.

Ideal for newbie divers and snorkelers, the town is filled with local businesses offering boat rides and Bali diving trips where you explore under the ocean.

Unlike any other beach you would have seen before, the dark waters, black sand and luscious surroundings are a perfect juxtaposition of its neighbouring white beaches.

Medewi Beach – A Secluded Beach

If you are searching for the untouched Bali, Medewi beach is a beautiful representation of how the island looked before tourists took over. With small local villages, tiny warungs and rice paddies lining the sand, this quiet beach is a perfect place to discover traditional Bali.

On the sunset coast, approximately 2 hours from Canggu, Medewi Beach is a surfers dream with next to no-one in the ocean stealing the break. As well as boasting some powerful waves, the beach has the best sunset views.

A stunning secluded beach in Bali where you can relax in – almost – total privacy, you won’t find a more serene sandy spot.

Balangan Beach – Beach View Point

Balangan beach is a popular surfer spot with the promise of Uluwatu’s waves without the crowds. Lingering in Jimbaran, the beach has the signature white sand and blue waters of the Bukit Peninsula without the popularity – meaning plenty of space to lounge throughout the day.

Overlooked by a towering, hanging cliff which offers a stunning view of the beach out to the horizon, the Balangan View Point is a popular stop off before reaching the sand. A picturesque hotspot!

With a few beachfront cafes and restaurants, it is a beautiful place to spend a long beach day in the South.

Atuh Beach – Perfect Spot for Sunrise

We are heading back across the ocean, this time to Nusa Penida – adding Atuh Beach to our list of best beaches.

Down a rocky, unforgiving cliffside, Atuh Beach is an idyllic screensaver-worthy beach with stunning blue water, bright white sand and luscious protruding surroundings.

If you can wake up early enough to catch a sunrise, you will witness an amazing moment when the sun begins to creep out from behind the ocean, and rises through an incredible natural stone arch that sits just off shore.

The morning low tide reveals a vast field of rocks between the sand and water. Hang around for the nearby warungs to open to grab a tasty snack as the tide begins to roll back in.

Padang Padang Beach – Most Famous Beach

Probably the most famous of the Uluwatu beaches – because of its guest appearance in Eat, Pray, Love – Padang Padang is one of the best beaches in Bali for surfing. Only recommended for experienced and professional surfers, the waves can be rough, and ready to take you down.

With a rocky shore and beach filled with huge jutting rocks, and hanging cliff sides, you can get lost in a maze finding a private spot to relax. Featuring some local warungs along the beachfront, you can easily find a snack and a drink to keep you sustained for a long day in the sun.

Padang Padang is a must-visit!

Pemuteran Beach – An Untouched Beach

Pemuteran beach is as far from the busy crowds of the Southern beaches as you can get, as it sits at the very top of the island.

Ideal for a keen snorkeller and diver, you can head straight into the water off the beach to explore the underwater world below.

From Pemuteran beach you can also take a boat trip across to Menjangan Island which is encompassed with the most stunning coral reefs and famous dive sites. Protected by the West National Bali Park, the island is doing all they can to ensure the health of the coral.

The Pemuteran black sand beach itself is mostly quiet, with very few visitors and only local warungs around. Away from the usual beach hang outs, if you are looking for a secluded, quiet beach in Bali, this is where to go.

Berawa Beach – Best Beach for Chilling Out

The epi-centre of Canggu’s expat beach action, Berawa is a buzzing area packed with restaurants, cafes and boutiques. The beachfront is home to the famous Finns Beach Club as well as smaller local beach bars.

A popular beach for surfing and hanging out, you will find hordes of regulars lounging around at their favourite bars – potentially with their super cute Bali dogs. Ideal for a relaxing sunset drink with some top tunes playing in the background, Berawa beach is chilled where you can unwind with your loved ones.

Enjoy a beachfront meal in Caravan, or do as the locals do and bring snacks to sit on the sand to watch the sun disappear behind the ocean. Whatever your preference, Berawa beach is one of the best beaches in Bali to relax.

Balian Beach – Up and Coming Beach

In the West of Bali, Balian beach is becoming more popular with the expat crowd, after being a local surf favourite for years. One of Bali’s black sand beaches, there are new cafes and restaurants popping up to accommodate the Western visitors. But don’t miss out on the Balinese warungs though!

Surrounded by sand dunes and cliffsides, Balian beach feels private and secluded. Just over an hour’s drive from Canggu, it is a great place to visit for a road trip with your friends.

Dreamland Beach – Best Beach for People Watching

Dreamland beach is, as the name suggests, a totally stunning beach.

Featuring smooth white sand and bright blue waters, you can enjoy views of luscious cliff sides from the shore. Lined with comfortable sun loungers, it is a perfect place to spend a long day in the sun relaxing and people watching.

Suluban Beach – Hidden Beach in Bali

Suluban beach is a time-sensitive spot, as when there is a high tide there is no beach at all! Climbing down a set of steps through a sheltered cove, you emerge out onto a golden beach with the clearest waters on the island.

Right below Single Fin bar, it is one of the best beaches in Bali for surfing as well as having a tropical swim – at low tide.

A beautiful spot for a photoshoot or a romantic day in the sun with your loved one, Suluban beach is a paradise beach waiting to be explored.

Kuta Beach – Great Beach for Lazing in the Sun

Tourists travelling to Bali no longer think of Kuta beach as a must-visit spot. With a reputation of being an ‘older Seminyak’, the area has started to be a lot less busy, making it the perfect place to go!

Kuta beach runs for 2.5km with white sand and crashing waves. Protected by a long wall separating the sand from the busy traffic noise, it is a calm place to rent a sun lounger for a day and laze in the sun, watching the world pass by.

Just a moment’s walk from Beachwalk Mall, and filled with local beach bars offering drinks, you can relax and hydrate, even wander around the branded stores of the mall, before catching a beautiful sunset.

With the charm of ‘old school Bali’, Kuta beach shouldn’t be missing from your must-go beach list.

Pandawa Beach – For a Busy Beach Day

For those of you who enjoy a more bustling beach atmosphere, Pandawa beach is ideal. Organised sun beds line the sand with shady umbrellas and local beach bars serving icy drinks. A few restaurants, and Roosterfish Beach Club, are close by if you are looking for a more luxurious beach experience.

On the coast of the Bukit Peninsula, Pandawa beach is hidden by vast cliff sides towering above the golden sand. With the classic turquoise water and clean shore, it is the perfect place to relax the day away in style.

Virgin Beach – A Beach with Everything

White sand, blue water, luscious surroundings, little to no other guests and cute little beachside warungs – Virgin beach, aka Pantai Pasir Putih beach, really has it all. If you have been searching for a beach paradise, this is it!

Located along the coast of Karangasem, Virgin beach is not on everyone’s radar as a must-go spot. But, it’s totally worth the long drive!

Perfect for swimmers, snorkelers, and a relaxing seaside massage, it is a beautiful, calm Bali beach where you can escape the crowds and relax in a sandy haven.

Karma Beach – Relax in Sandy Luxury

Karma beach is a part of the famous Karma Kandara Resort located in the Ungasan area of Uluwatu. The vast resort is a luxurious spot where people have time-share villas, access to amazing amenities and, of course, access to the beach and beach club.

Luring in all the chic and fabulous beach-goers, Karma Beach is a picture-perfect tropical beach with pristine white sands and incredible clear waters.

Filled with private cabanas, lazy bean bags and relaxing sun loungers, there is a place where everybody can feel comfortable for their time in the sun. Order rounds of drinks and tasty snacks from the club, and dine with your toes in the sand. It is the perfect beach in Bali for relaxing in luxury.

Nyang Nyang Beach – Instagram Perfect Beach

Nyang Nyang beach is the last picturesque beach on our list. After a short walk down the cliffside, the golden beach spreads out in front of you with rustic boat wrecks dotted along the shore. Thanks to the minimal reefs, it is perfect for swimming in the cool waters .

For those who love a good Instagram pic, Nyang Nyang beach couldn’t be a better tropical setting for a mini-shoot.

Stretching almost 2km, it is one of the best beaches in Bali for swimming and relaxing.

Final Thoughts

Wow, if you made it this far, congratulations! That was a lot of beach info to take in.

Dotted along every coast of the island, Bali is packed with stunning beaches to suit every type of lounger, family and sun basker. When you are searching for a beach with a view, white sands, snorkelling reefs or water sports, there is a Bali beach for you!

Bingin is by far my favourite, but I haven’t visited every beach.. yet..