Everything You NEED to Know About Backpacking in Canggu

Backpackers, luxe travelers and digital nomads love Canggu! The nature is beautiful, the weather is tropical, there’s loads of hype cafes and restaurants, and the party scene pops off every night.  Packed with affordable hostels, lavish villas and sumptuous resorts, it is a place where all Bali visitors come together for a good time. If […]

A Guide to the Cost of Living in Bali

Ever thought about moving to the Island of the Gods for an extended stay?  There are tons of expats and non-Balinese Indonesians craving that Bali life. For living, opening a business, making money or retiring, Bali is a dream destination. The cost of living in Bali varies depending on your lifestyle. Prices for luxury accommodation, […]