Backpackers, luxe travelers and digital nomads love Canggu!

The nature is beautiful, the weather is tropical, there’s loads of hype cafes and restaurants, and the party scene pops off every night. 

Packed with affordable hostels, lavish villas and sumptuous resorts, it is a place where all Bali visitors come together for a good time.

If you are on a budget and a backpacking adventure, Canggu is totally doable.

Pull up your backpack and grab your ticket, backpacking in Canggu is UNFORGETTABLE.

Why Go Backpacking in Canggu?

Bali on a whole is suitable for any kind of travelers who want to cut their budget.

Canggu is an excellent base as it has a little bit of everything – culture, nature, beaches and parties!

Start your morning with a coffee in a quaint and trendy cafe, head to the beach for a surf or surf lesson, grab a local Indonesian lunch in a warung and end the day watching sunset from a luxe beach club. Your days will be packed with amazing activities and TASTY food.

There are so many affordable places to stay in Canggu, from dorms and guesthouses to private villas.

The area is incredibly safe to explore. That being said, keep your usual wits about you – don’t carry too many valuables, keep your belongings close by. 

All Balinese locals are warm and welcoming. Canggu is so popular with tourists, the locals often have excellent English and are used to the cultural differences. Learn a few simple phrases in Indonesian to show your respect, and have a quick read up of social customs to avoid any disagreements.  

It’s easy to get around Canggu on foot. But some of the popular spots are far away from each other. Renting a motorbike is easily done, but not essential. If you have no experience, stick to Grab and GO-JEK bike taxis. 

Where to Go Backpacking in Canggu

Canggu is a coastal village, stretching from Kerobokan to Echo Beach. 

Knowing where to stay in Canggu is the first step of your backpacking adventure.

There are places in among the action, and areas that are a little more rural. Check these out!

Backpacking in Berawa

Berawa is a perfect area if you are an active party goer.

The area is filled with buzzing Bali beach clubs like Cafe del mar, Finns, Atlas and Vue. You can have a luxury day drinking and dancing, overlooking the rolling ocean.

Night clubs and bars pulse into the early hours of the morning. Meet other backpackers, enjoy tropical nights and head back to your accommodation safe and sound. 

Throughout the day, you can try your hand at the famous Canggu waves. Pros can rent a board, while beginners can join surf lessons with a local expert.

Packed with amazing hostels, luxe villas and affordable places to stay, you can have a comfortable home away from home for your Canggu backpacking adventure.

Ideal for youngsters, surfers and newbie backpackers, Berawa has A LOT to offer.

Our Favorite Places to Stay in Berawa:

Villa Berawa

+62 361 4737600
Jalan Pantai Berawa, Gang Sri Kahyangan, Banjar Berawa, Tibubeneng, 80361 Canggu

Villa Berawa

Dip & Doze Boutique Hostel

Minimalist & Modern
Jalan Pantai Berawa No. 99 Tibubeneng, 80361 Canggu

Dip & Doze Boutique Hostel


Backpacking in Echo Beach

Echo Beach is a surfer heaven! 

The black sand beaches are lined with small beach bars, surf schools and cafes where you can get a feel for the waves before diving in.

A little more intermediate than Berawa, be sure you have a little experience before trying to tackle Echo Beach.

The streets of the area are lined with small, local boutiques selling clothing, home wares and traditional Bali gifts. It’s easy to walk around. You can spend a day exploring the stores, and stopping for ice-cold drinks in cozy cafes. 

Two popular beach clubs, La Brisa and Como Beach Club, are sat along the beachfront for lounging in the sun and staying into the night. Backpacking Canggu can be a little luxury too. 

Affordable accommodation is everywhere. Right in the heart of the area or a little on the outskirts, there are LOADS of hostels and villas to choose from. 

Even if you decide to stay elsewhere, even a day visit to Echo Beach is a must!

Our Favorite Places to Stay in Echo Beach:

The Bali Dream Villa and Resort Echo Beach Canggu

+62 813-3755-8412
Jl. Pura Dalem Lingsir, Br.Pengembungan, Pererenan, Canggu Beach, Canggu

The Bali Dream Villa and Resort Echo Beach Canggu

Ecosfera Hotel Canggu

+62 812-4642-6989
Jalan Batu Mejan, Echo Beach, Canggu

Ecosfera Hotel Canggu

Backpacking in Pererenan

They say Pererenan is the next Canggu!

Just a short way away from Echo Beach, Pererenan still feels a lot more peaceful and laid back – like old school Bali. 

Trendy cafes are starting to appear in the area. Baked, The Brunch Club, Honey, Zali and Woods are just a few of our faves! Sip coffees, devour pastries and watch the world pass by. 

Much like Echo Beach, the sand is black and the waves are strong. Great for sunsets and dog walks, there aren’t many cafes or bars around, but it promises a peaceful beach day. 

Pererenan isn’t as hectic and lively as other parts of Canggu. There aren’t any crazy parties or bars. It is a much quieter and serene place to stay. 

You can try out yoga classes, dine at vegan eateries and immerse in a more chilled day to day life. 

Having a motorbike or way of getting around Pererenan is pretty essential. Grab and GO-JEK both operate in the area, so no need to risk your nerves driving your own scooter.

Our Favorite Places to Stay in Pererenan:

Tribal Hostel

Coworking Hostel
Modern and Tropical
Mon-Sun: 8am - 8pm
+62 821-4791-4973
Gang Tribal, Jl. Pantai Pererenan Pererenan, Bali 80351

Tribal Hostel

Coworking Hostel

Shore Amora

Modern & Rice Paddy Views
+62 361 9091773
Jalan Pantai Pererenan, 80351 Canggu

Shore Amora


Backpacking in Batu Bolong

For those who want to stay in the middle of everything, Batu Bolong is the place to be.

With all the best Canggu restaurants, gyms, accommodations, co-working spaces and spas, the area is easily explored on foot from top to bottom.

At the end of the street, overlooking the beach, are the top spots Old Mans and The Lawn. Super central, you can visit all of Canggu from Batu Bolong.

One of the best markets, Love Anchor, is open every weekend with everything from clothing and homewares to souvenirs and heaps of beautiful jewelry. 

Hosting a thriving backpacker, expat, digital nomad community, Batu Bolong is one of the most Westernized areas in Canggu.

Our Favorite Places to Stay in Batu Bolong:

The Farm Hostel

Modern & Minimalist
Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.29, Canggu

The Farm Hostel


Aston Canggu

Beach Resort
Luxurious & Spacious
+62 361 3023333
JL. Pantai Batu Bolong NO 99 , 80361 Canggu

Aston Canggu

Beach Resort

Backpacking in Seseh

Seseh is the most rural area in Canggu.

It is thick with the classic, natural beauty of Bali with rice fields, a calm feel, not many vehicles, and a small, strong community.

Some parts of Seseh are in Bali’s Green Belt, protected area. Protecting the traditional rice paddies and rolling nature from the mass building and business infesting Bali.

If you’re backpacking in Canggu for a more peaceful and serene experience, Seseh is where to go.

The beach is a bit rocky, making it all the more beautiful when combined with the orange sky at sunset, but harder to relax on.

Seseh has little, to no, nightlife. There won’t be any music or noise pollution disturbing your sleep.

As the spread of tourist hotspots bleeds further into rural Bali, Seseh is starting to prepare for crowds. But for now, remains a tranquil paradise. 

Our Favorite Places to Stay in Seseh:

Victory Munggu

+62 812-3962-481
Jl. Pantai Munggu-Badung-Bali, 80351 Canggu

Victory Munggu

Villa Karein

+62 819-0699-0190
Jl. Pantai Seseh, Cemagi, Kec. Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Villa Karein

Tips for Backpacking in Canggu

  • There is no public transport to get around Canggu. The most efficient way to explore is by motorbike. If you don’t fancy tackling the roads alone, you can order Grab and GO-JEK bike taxis to get you from A to B.
  • Local warungs are highly recommended! Not only can you save some money on your meals, you can dive into the tasty world of Indonesian cuisine. Once you start, you will want to taste it all! 
  • It’s a surfers’ paradise! The beaches in Canggu have some of the more famous waves in Bali. Whichever beach you go to, you can join a surf lesson, or go it alone. 
  • Canggu is super central and it’s easy to tour the rest of the island from the home base. Be prepared for lots of traffic though.. The island’s infrastructure wasn’t prepared for the mass of cars coming through. 

Final Thoughts

Backpacking Canggu can be as long or as short as you wish. Spend weeks exploring all the hidden nooks and crannies, or lay around for months enjoying the chill atmosphere and plentiful amenities.

Canggu is the most popular area for just about everything in Bali, and backpackers LOVE it.