Everything You Need to Know Before Attending a Balinese Wedding

It takes a whole village to prepare for a traditional Balinese wedding. Everyone in the couple’s banjar will come out to help make preparations, decorations and offer their congratulations – even before the big day!  Weddings can last for days, with a series of ceremonies and processions.  Although many young couples these days are introducing […]

History of Indonesia’s Independence Day

If you happen to be in Indonesia in August, around the 17th, you will find roads, buildings and pretty much everywhere adorned with the Indonesian flag. On the morning of the 17th, there will be a ceremony, kids will get the day off school, and the media will be flooded with celebrations and posts about […]

How to Find a Housekeeper (pembantu) in Bali

Admit it, even though it’s a little bit therapeutic for some, household chores can be very overwhelmingly boring.  Having to make the bed, wash the dishes, cook, and clean the whole house sounds like a lot of work, especially after a long day of working. Everyone has dreamed, at least once, of having a hand […]