Admit it, even though it’s a little bit therapeutic for some, household chores can be very overwhelmingly boring. 

Having to make the bed, wash the dishes, cook, and clean the whole house sounds like a lot of work, especially after a long day of working.

Everyone has dreamed, at least once, of having a hand to help you out at home. 

In Bali, it’s a normal occurrence – especially for expats.

Pembantu, or housekeepers, are hired to help with everything from cleaning to childcare.

If you plan to stay longer in Bali and rent a house or private villa, getting a housekeeper will help keep you sane.

Here are a few little tips and tricks to help you find and hire a good pembantu

What is a Pembantu and What Do They Do?

Pembantu or housekeepers are hired to help with household chores. Their general tasks include making sure the house is clean, preparing food, washing clothes and helping to shop for groceries or household items. 

In Bali, housekeepers are not only employed by the local middle and upper class people, but also by expats. You will find many local pembantu have a decent level of English, too! 

Often flexible with their time, you can hire a housekeeper on a part-time basis, full-time or even live-in. 

What is the Average Wage for a Pembantu?

The average wage for a housekeeper will take into account a lot of factors. The more they do, the better the skills they have, the higher the salary you will pay.

For a live-in housekeeper, the salary will be a little less as you will be covering the accommodation, food costs and daily needs. The average salary is around IDR1,500,000 – IDR2,000,000 ($95 to $127).

As for a part time helper, who works 5 days a week (4-5 hours per day), the average salary is around IDR 800,000 ($51). This may vary in each area, as tourist areas are usually more expensive.

There are also full-time workers that range from IDR 2,500,000 to IDR 4,000,000 ($159 to $255).

If you are still confused about how much to pay, you can check Bali’s UMR or Regional Minimum Wage in the area you live. 

How to Find a Reliable Pembantu

Finding a good helper can sometimes be as difficult as finding ‘the one’.

You might have to ask around and try some out. Finding someone that matches your vibe is super important! 


Bali has a thriving expat and digital nomad community. Most of which rent out amazing villas for their extended stays on the island. 

When you are out and networking with other island-dwellers, ask for some recommendations of great housekeepers!

There is always someone, who knows someone, who could take on some extra work.

Staffing Agencies

A safe way to find helpers around the house is to use an agency.

There will be extra costs associated, however you are always guaranteed a reliable service! Staffing agencies often have stacks of housekeepers on hand who they will send to your place on a rota.

With all cleaning products and appliances included, this is a great option for those who don’t have their own network to ask around.

Facebook Groups

There are loads of Facebook groups offering everything you could imagine for getting by in Bali. 

Check out the posts to see if there are any pembantu looking for work, or write your own post seeking a reliable, friendly, trustworthy candidate. 

You are bound to receive messages of people recommending their friends and previous workers!

Ask your Home Owner

It may be that a housekeeper is included in the price of your rental accommodation!

If not, you can always ask the home owner if they have any recommendations. Most villa and property owners will have someone on hand for such occasions.

Hire on a Probationary Period

Including a probationary period when you are hiring a pembantu can help to make sure you are a good fit for one another.

It’s not just about you thinking they are right, they also have to feel comfortable working for you.

Final Thoughts

Finding a pembantu in Bali can be easy, if you take your time. 

Ask around, have a desired budget in mind, and you’ll be able to find someone who easily slots into your life.