Balinese Hinduism | Everything You Need to Know

Balinese Hinduism is one of the most unique forms of Hinduism, with a distinct set of beliefs and practices. Unlike other forms of Hinduism, it is strongly influenced by the local culture of the Balinese people. It has a rich cultural heritage, and combines aspects of the religion with local elements. From its ritual practices […]

What is Galungan and Kuningan?

During the celebrations of Galungan and Kuningan, Bali transforms into a vibrant celebration of culture and tradition. The streets are lined with colorful decorations, intricately crafted bamboo poles and palm leaves. Everyone parades through the streets, dressed in traditional Balinese clothing and offering prayers to the Gods. The festivities are joined by the intense, rhythmic […]

Everything You NEED to Know About Solo Traveling in Bali

Solo traveling around Bali is a great chance to explore the island freely and at your own pace. Explore enchanting temples, experience the vibrant nightlife, make quick friends and immerse yourself in the culture. By visiting alone, you’ll have the freedom to go wherever you want, when you want – no planning required! You’ll meet […]