Decorate Your Home with Some Classic Bali Pieces

Everyone wants to take a little bit of the island home with them. Whether it be with simple souvenirs, a box of tea bags, or some beautiful decor. The style of the island is classically tropical with lots of wooden furniture, rattan and white-washed ornaments. If you’re a tourist, shipping home some furniture might seem […]

All the Places that NEED to be on Your Feed

There are so many beautiful things to do and see while in Bali, all of it will look amazing on your Instagram feed. But for those few wanna-be influencers among us, these are the most Instagrammable places in Bali that will add a certain special touch to your Bali holiday posts. Check them out! Munduk […]

Where to Buy Groceries in Bali

Buying groceries in Bali is just like buying groceries at home – don’t get overwhelmed. There are local markets, small mini-marts and large supermarkets selling all kinds of things like locally grown and picked produce, and imported goods from cheese to candy. Great for keeping to a budget when you are backpacking or living in […]