A Guide to Partying in Bali

Double Six Beach Seminyak

Partying in Bali hasn’t always been the hectic experience that it is today. Once upon a time you were more likely to seek out a spiked coconut than an espresso martini.  These days, you can party like anywhere else in the world. You’ll find underground bars, techno clubs, RnB nights, reggae spots, lavish beach clubs, […]

All the Best Things to Do with Kids in Bali

Traveling with your kids to Bali is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Along with the most incredible memories, the children will be able to see a new culture, way of life and stunning landscapes. There is a lot of activities to do with kids in Bali to keep them busy and entertained. Add these […]

Top Spots for Amazing Pizza in Bali

At Balipedia, we hate negativity. Someone telling us we can’t eat pizza every day – negative, get rid of them. With so many amazing restaurants and cafes serving tasty slices, its a crime not to eat it often. Across every inch of the island, there is a place preparing totally fresh, totally delicious pies in the […]