There’s never a bad time to get pizza. After a day of exploring all the top haunts of Bali, stopping off for a slice is a dream.

The island is jam packed with incredible pizza spots – beachside, in the jungle, at one of Canggu’s best bars, there’s decent pies EVERYWHERE.

Pizza in Bali is authentic, tasty and fresh. Here are all the best spots to get it!

Where to Find the Best Pizza in Bali

The best pizza in Bali is often found in the most unlikely places.

From small beach shacks to gourmet restaurants, the options are endless! There are also plenty of take-out options and international brands if you prefer something familiar. 

Bacaro Pizza

Everyday 4:00 PM-11:00 PM
+62 821-4489-8882
Jl. Pantai Berawa No.77, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara

Bacaro Pizza

Bacaro Pizza serves up some of the best pizza in Bali.

Located in Berawa, it’s a quaint Italian pizzeria with a Venetian-inspired tapas menu and authentic Neapolitan pizza.

The centerpiece of the restaurant is their domed, wood-burning oven, which cooks the pizzas to perfection.

From their signature margheritas to the gourmet toppings, each pizza is made with the freshest and finest ingredients.

The menu also includes a variety of tapas, salads and pastas for those looking for something a little different.

Bacaro has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for a delicious Italian feast. 


Wild Habit Pizza

Everyday 11:00 AM-11:00 PM
+62 821-2214-1475
Jl. Kunti I No.6, Seminyak

Wild Habit Pizza

Wild Habit Pizza features classic Italian pizzas, as well as creative twists on the traditional.

Alongside a wide range of craft beers, cocktails and soft drinks, your pizza date can also get a little bit boozy. As an added bonus, when you buy two cocktails you get a free antipasto board!

With a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, it is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious pizza and a couple of drinks with friends. 


Roman Pizza

Everyday 9:30 AM-11:30 PM
CALL NOW 0812-4612-2297
Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan No.10c Canggu

Roman Pizza

Roman Pizza is a casual restaurant in Canggu, specializing in homemade pizzas and pastas.

Their fresh pizza dough is made in-house daily, and comes in all flavors and sizes. Choose from numerous topping options, both sweet and savory, to customize your perfect pie.

They also offer an extensive selection of homemade pastas made with fresh ingredients. Enjoy favorites like lasagna, spaghetti and macaroni, or sample something new with their creative dishes like avocado pesto spaghetti.

To finish off your meal, their signature tiramisu made with mascarpone and Italian ladyfingers is DELIGHTFUL. 


La Vecchia Tana

Everyday 8:00 AM-10:30 PM
+62 813-3823-9978
Jl. Batu Belig No.88 Canggu

La Vecchia Tana

La Vecchia Tana is a laid-back Italian eatery located in Batu Belig, Canggu.

The restaurant’s interior is filled with rustic Italian charm, boasting wooden furniture, cozy lighting, and rustic-look walls.

The huge menu includes classic Italian dishes such as pizzas, pastas, and salads, as well as a selection of house-made desserts.

For those looking for a relaxed dining experience, La Vecchia Tana Bali also has alfresco dining on its terrace.

As a plus, it is literally just steps from Batu Belig!


Pizza Fabbrica

Pizza Parlor
Cozy & Tropical
Everyday 10:00 AM-11:00 PM
+62 819 9933 0880
Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan, Canggu

Pizza Fabbrica

Pizza Parlor

Pizza Fabbrica has two locations: Canggu & Umalas, for a super easy and comfortable dining experience.

They specialize in thin pizzas, which are cooked in a wood fire oven for a more authentic taste.

Their open kitchen lets guests see the pizzas being made, only adding to the tantalizing atmosphere.

Super fresh, tasty and filling, Pizza Fabbrica will quickly become your favorite Italian restaurant in Bali.


Luigi's Hot Pizza

Everyday 4:00 PM-11:00 PM
+62 811-3944-450
Jalan Batu Mejan, Canggu

Luigi's Hot Pizza


Luigi’s Hot Pizza is the place to be for some of the best pizza in Canggu.

Not only is it authentically Italian, but the atmosphere is buzzing with locals and tourists waiting to party.

The restaurant is open all day, but is most popular in the evenings when the bar is packed with people enjoying the lively Bali party scene.

The pizzas are hot, delicious and cooked to perfection, and the service is friendly and efficient.

Luigi’s Hot Pizza is the perfect destination for lining your stomach for a big night of partying. 


Umah Pizza

Pizza Parlor
Cozy & Minimalist
Everyday 10:30 AM-10:00 PM
+62 813 3887 5843
Jl. Bisma, Ubud

Umah Pizza

Pizza Parlor

Umah Pizza is a small, humble restaurant in Ubud.

It is housed in a bale-like building, giving it a relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

Serving Italian-style pizza, pasta and salads, Umah Pizza is delicious, quality food in a beautiful setting.

The pizzas are handmade with organic and locally sourced ingredients, giving them an authentic and delicious taste. `


Nusa Dua Pizza

Everyday 11:00 AM-10:30 PM
+62 81 339 491 339
Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai Jl. Nusa Dua No.99xx, Benoa

Nusa Dua Pizza

Nusa Dua Pizza is a go-to traditional Italian pizzeria in Nusa Dua.

The freshly made pizzas are some of the best in town, perfect for any craving or occasion.

Choose from a variety of classic and specialty pizzas, like a signature classic Margherita and the delicious Quattro Formaggi.

They also a selection of antipasti, salads and desserts. 

If you are staying in the nearby area you can also have the delicious pies delivered!


Pizzeria Italia

Everyday 11:00 AM-12:00 AM
Uluwatu St No.200, Ungasan, South Kuta

Pizzeria Italia

Pizzeria Italia in Uluwatu is a small cafe, giving you the feel of Italy.

The interior is nicely decorated with only few tables keeping the ambience warm and cozy.

You can choose from a variety of delicious pizzas and pastas. The crusts are thin and crunchy, and the toppings are fresh and flavorful. 

Incredibly affordable and comfortable, Pizzeria Italia is a great restaurant in Uluwatu for pizza.


Pizza Boy

Everyday 11:00 AM-10:00 PM
Jalan Raya Anyar, Kelod, Kuta Utara, Jl. Raya Anyar No.24, Kerobokan, Kec. Kuta Utara

Pizza Boy

The thin-crust slices at Pizza Boy are amazing!

Located in Kerobokan, it is a hidden gem where all of the ingredients are locally sourced, so you know you are getting the best quality.

The atmosphere is casual, but the food will make you feel like you are in a fine dining establishment.

Pizza Boy is the perfect place to go for a family dinner, a romantic night out, or just a casual meal. 


Carlo's Pizza

Everyday 9:00 AM-11:00 PM
Jl. Raya Basangkasa No.44, Seminyak

Carlo's Pizza

Carlo’s Pizza Bali is famous for serving the amazing pizza in Seminyak.

With more than 25 types of pizzas and 15 kinds of pasta, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from.

Enjoy a classic Margherita, a BBQ Chicken pizza, or go wild with Hawaiian. If you’re in the mood for something different, try one of their unique creations like the Mexican Beef or the Super Supreme.

Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed! 



Everyday 12:00 PM-11:30 PM
+62 812-3812-7245
Jl. Raya Semat, Tibubeneng, Kec. Kuta Utara


Fucina is a great restaurant in Canggu offering an authentic Italian cuisine experience.

The menu features a variety of homemade dishes from a classic Italian pizza made with a sourdough base, to handmade pasta and fresh seafood.

Their Mediterranean-style cocktail bar serves up a variety of inventive drinks and classic cocktails.

You can enjoy live jazz music in the cozy and relaxed setting. It is a perfect place for a night out with friends, or a romantic dinner for two. 


Il Pomodoro

Everyday 9:00 AM-10:30 PM
+62 361 413882
Jl. Gatsu Barat No : 371 Denpasar Utara

Il Pomodoro

Il Pomodoro is a great place to grab a quick slice or even a whole pizza in central Bali.

The pizza, and pasta, is served a la buffet, so you can customize it to your heart’s content.

From the thin and crispy crust to the wide variety of toppings, Il Pomodoro definitely serves up amazing pizza in Bali.

Plus, the buffet is great for groups and kids, so you don’t have to decide on just one type of pizza. 



Everyday 5:00 PM-10:30 PM
+62 81238389993
JL Raya Sanginggan Ubud


Dumbo is an Italian kitchen set in the heart of Ubud, with roomy interiors and views of the Campuhan Ridge Walk.

A place for all occasions, Dumbo serves up wood-fired pizzas and pastas, as well as a range of sharing plate style modern Australian-Italian cuisine.

Whether you’re looking for a place to catch up with friends, have a romantic dinner, or a family gathering, Dumbo is the perfect spot.

With its cozy atmosphere, you’ll be sure to feel right at home. And to top it off, you can also enjoy their delicious coffee and cocktails.


Alam Pizza

Everyday 9:30 AM-10:45 PM
+62 813-3884-5271
Jl. Bisma No.34, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud

Alam Pizza

Alam Pizza has some of the pizza in Ubud.

Cooked with super fresh, traditional ingredients all of their dishes feel authentic.

They also deliver, so you can enjoy their delicious pizzas and classic pastas at the comfort of your private villa or resort. 

Alam Pizza is a great spot for a tasty treat.


Pizza Cult

Everyday 12:00 PM-10:00 PM
+62 813-5306-0788
Jl. Sri Wedari No.16, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud

Pizza Cult

Pizza Cult has plant-based pizzas, classic handcrafted ginger beer and imported wines from Italy. With a laid-back and inviting atmosphere, it is a great spot to dine with your friends and family.

There are wood-fired ovens producing some of the most delicious pizzas you’ve ever tasted.

Whether you’re a meat-lover or a vegan, Pizza Cult has something for everyone. So come by, grab a beer, and enjoy outstanding pizza in Bali.


Tattoria Amed

Everyday 11:00 AM-10:00 PM
+62 85739979653
Jl. Karangasem - Seraya, Bunutan, Kec. Abang, Amed

Tattoria Amed

Tattoria Amed is a casual Italian restaurant located in the quaint village of Bunutan, Amed.

A charming eatery, it offers a variety of authentic Italian meals in a super relaxed and beautiful atmosphere.

From thin-crust pizzas to tasty pastas with a variety of toppings, you’ll find so many unbelievable dishes.

After a day of diving in Amed or lounging around your beachfront resort, Tattoria promises an unforgettable feast. 


Bella Italia

Everyday 11:00 AM-10:30 PM
Jalan Cemara No. 72 Sanur Kauh, Sanur

Bella Italia

Bella Italia Sanur is an inviting restaurant located in the heart of Sanur. It is an amazing spot for classic Italian eats and vino.

The tranquil venue is perfect for a romantic dinner, a family gathering or a casual catch up with friends.

Their menu is filled with classic Italian dishes, from freshly cooked pizzas to homemade pastas and creamy risottos. Of course, the pizza is a must try.

Bella Italia has a warm, rustic Italian feel, perfect for an authentic Italian meal in Sanur.


Orlando's Mama Pizza Garden

Tues - Sun 2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
081 338 949 431
Jl. A.A. Pandji Tisna, Kaliasem, Kec. Banjar, Kabupaten Buleleng

Orlando's Mama Pizza Garden

Orlando’s Mama Pizza Garden is a small warung-style, family-run pizza joint in Lovina.

With its cozy atmosphere and iconic Italian pizza, it’s the perfect place to hang out with friends or family.

Their menu is full of delicious classic pizzas, with fresh toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, and more. It is cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven, and served piping hot.

Orlando’s Mama Pizza Garden also serves a variety of salads, Italian desserts, and Italian-inspired drinks.

The staff is friendly, the prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. 

Final Thoughts

No matter your dietary requirements and preferences, there is a pizza in Bali calling your name.

From the cliffsides of Uluwatu to the black sand beaches of Lovina, the island is STACKED with amazing restaurants serving tasty pies.

After a busy day or to fuel up for a big night out, you can’t go wrong with pizza.


Featured image: Pizza Boy