Amazing Places to Get Facials in Bali

I’ve seriously put my skin through the wringer since being in Bali. Long days by the pool, wind hitting my face during scooter rides, I’m shocked it hasn’t completely deteriorated yet! When I first got here, I didn’t think too much about it. But after a week, I desperately needed professional help. Thus began my […]

Best Places to Try Out Coworking in Seminyak

Not all of us are lucky enough to be able to take time off work when visiting Bali. Setting up for a few hours of laptop time is a lot better than skipping the holiday altogether! The island is teeming with a buzzing digital nomad community that is friendly, diverse and interesting. Influencers, coders, business […]

Outstanding Airbnbs in Lombok That’ll Blow You Away

Bali gets a lot of attention for its amazing places to stay, but Lombok ain’t too shabby either. There are plenty of 5-star hotels and Airbnbs in Lombok that make a trip to the island ultra-luxe and special, or down and dirty if that’s more your vibe. When you’re planning a trip to luscious Lombok […]

Safe Spots to Get Botox in Bali

Every year I tell myself I’m going to take extra good care of my skin, and every year I play a little too hard in the sun without sunscreen and laugh way too much at my friend’s jokes – guilt free! Now that I’m approaching my thirties – a moment of silence, please – I’ve […]

All the Best Photo Studios in Bali

Bali is an island full of creatives, meaning it has some truly amazing amenities for those who are looking to get their creative juices flowing. For photographers and videographers, models, podcast hosts and YouTubers, there are a great collection of Bali photo studios where you can have the set of your dreams for your shoots. […]

What to Do in Bali When it Rains

It’s not as fun to kick back on one of Bali’s beautiful beaches in wet weather. It kinda defeats the point of a beach day. Most visitors travel to Bali for a touch of the tropical life, however the island is a victim of dreaded rain too – just like anywhere in the world. From […]

Amazing Places to Do CrossFit in Bali

Keeping up with your workout routine while in Bali may not be on the top of your list, but there are loads of cool spots to do it! The island is a hub for all kinds of workouts including famous CrossFit. You can run through routines and strenuous exercises under towering palm trees with a […]

A Jam Packed Ubud Itinerary to Hit all the Best Spots

From its art boutiques to its organic restaurants and vegan cafes, Ubud is where traditional Balinese culture and modern wellness meet. The stunning area is scattered with temples, yoga studios and stunning jungle accommodations. Nature is right on the doorstep, with waterfalls, rainforests and rice paddies just off the main street! This 5 day Ubud […]

Everything You Should to Know About Backpacking Flores

Flores is one of Indonesia’s many unique islands. Located east of Bali, close to the famous Komodo National Park, it’s the 10th-biggest Indonesian island, and it holds a whole lot of treasures to discover. With beaches, waterfalls, lush jungles, peaks and volcanoes, local villages and magnificent culture, Flores is an enticing island destination to visit […]

A Guide to Money in Bali

A good trip to Bali starts with a good understanding of their currency. Being confident in which note is which and what they are worth will make your explorations much easier. With high nominals, colourful notes and confusing conversion rates, this is everything you need to know about the money in Bali before you get […]