Located on the sprawling, volcanic east coast of the island, Amed is a magnificent destination with clear waters, beautiful coral reefs and iconic tropical views. Popular with budget backpackers and divers, it is a lesser visited part of Bali that deserves some recognition.

Filled with local culture and stunning natural landscapes in a slow, quiet setting, it is polar opposite to the hectic, busy streets of popular Canggu. For beginner divers and snorkelers, Amed is a perfect place to learn about the underwater world with calm currents and magical coral reefs right off the shore.

Try trekking the sprawling landscape, and immerse is the special culture. When you tire of the busy streets of central Bali and want to try something a little different, backpacking in Amed is a peaceful island getaway. 

Why Go Backpacking in Amed

Amed is an idyllic fishing town that screams peace and serenity with real Bali charm. 

Lined by black sand beaches, with peaks of volcanoes and some of the best snorkelling in Bali, Amed is a scenic break from the Westernised south of Bali.

Backpacking in Amed gives you the chance to see the beauty of traditional Balinese culture. Dotted with local architecture, you can see a different side to the island and learn more about Bali’s Hinduism while soaking in the tropical views.

Between the local warungs and small cafes, you will find great restaurants serving incredibly fresh seafood and lots of Balinese delicacies.

In addition to its culture, stunning scenery and incredible food, Amed is also known for great value. Places to stay and restaurants are relatively inexpensive compared to other parts of Bali, making it the perfect destination for budget travelers.

Get away from the crowds of the south for a calm, peaceful and scenic retreat in Amed. 

Where to Backpack in Amed

Although a relatively small area compared to other parts of Bali, there are a lot of different places to stay in Amed, each offering something a little different. 

Whether you want to be beachfront, among the local action or with scenic views, the traditional fishing town is a stunning island base.

Backpacking on Amed Street

As the biggest street in town at the heart of the action, Amed Street is an easy spot to have a little bit of everything.

It stretches along the black sand beachfront with crashing waves and stunning views of the surrounding mountainside. The street is lined with small stores, cafés, and restaurants, as well as comfortable, cozy places to stay.

Exploring Amed Street is easy on foot, but hiring a bike or getting a driver is recommended for adventures a little further out.

With so many hostels in Amed, great resorts and beachfront properties, you will be able to find a beautiful place to stay at the drop of a hat. As the area isn’t as jam-packed as the south, you can even find last minute spots if you choose for a quick staycation. 

Amed Street is still heavily catered to tourists, but not in the same extreme way as other parts of Bali. You can get an inside look at local life, and immerse in the amazing culture of the island.

Our Favorite Places Stay in Amed Street

Santai Hotel

+62 821-4776-0379
Dusun Bunutan, Kecamatan Abang, 80361 Amed

Santai Hotel

The Kampung

+62 363 23058
Jl. Amed, 80852

The Kampung

Backpacking in Jemeluk

Jemeluk is an underwater lover’s dream as it has a magnificent stone temple right there in the bay! It is a great snorkeling spot for those who can hold their breath long enough. You can see beautiful marine life swarming around the coral, and weaving in and out of the temple. You’ll defo want to take your GoPro down!

The Jemeluk Viewpoint is one of the on land spots to visit. It has the most stunning views of the ocean, imposing lush cliffs and a glimpse at the curve of the island. From the viewpoint you can catch a magnificent sunset, watching as the sun dips into the horizon. Thanks to minimal light pollution around Amed, it is also a great place to do some stargazing. 

There are some amazing local restaurants and bars around Jemeluk where you can tuck into super tasty and fresh seafood, meet other backpackers and have a bit of a party. You can have all the best bits of Canggu without the crowds!

Our Favorite Places Stay in Jemeluk

Amed Beach Resort

Kelapa Cottage

+62 852-7403-0033
Jl. Celuke No. 36, 80852 Amed

Kelapa Cottage

Backpacking in Bunutan Village

If you are the kind of traveller who wants to escape the tourist track and the, minimal, crowds of Amed, Bunutan Village is the perfect spot. With outstanding luscious views, terraced rice paddies and rolling hills, it is a real showcase of the magic of Bali’s nature.

You can try out snorkelling and diving in Bunutan with a traditional fishing boat and friendly guides. Spend a day exploring coral reefs and seeing the ocean’s creatures without crowds scaring them off.

There are many secluded beaches that line the coast for those who prefer to be above water. The island paradise is the kind of experience you dream of when planning your Bali escape.

Make sure you take a stroll around Bunutan Village and experience the unique culture of the area. At night, there are local bars and pubs, and night markets.

Our Favorite Places Stay in Bunutan Village

Puri Wirata Dive Resort and Spa Amed

+62 813-3840-5335
Jalan Raya Bunutan, 80852 Amed

Puri Wirata Dive Resort and Spa Amed

Palm Garden Amed Beach & Spa Resort Bali

+62 828-9769-1850
Bunutan Abang, 80852 Amed

Palm Garden Amed Beach & Spa Resort Bali

Backpacking in Lipah

Lipah is a serene place for backpacking in Amed, ideal for travelers looking for a peaceful and leisurely getaway. It is home to one of the cleanest bays in the region, perfect for divers and those who want to dip in the ocean. 

The namesake beach is a beautiful place to catch a tropical sunset, as well as being a great spot for snorkeling and swimming. Lined with restaurants and warungs, accompany your delicious meal with unforgettable views of colorful sunsets. 

Packed with local culture and daily life taking place around you, Lipah is a chilled and quiet place to stay in Amed.

Our Favorite Places Stay in Lipah

Hidden Paradise Cottages

+62 363 23514
Lipah Beach, 80852 Amed

Hidden Paradise Cottages

Onlyou Villas

+62 363 23595
Jl. Raya Lipah, 80361 Amed

Onlyou Villas

Backpacking in I Ketut Natih

Photo by: D’uma Amed Homestay (Booking.com)

I Ketut Natih Street is the main road leading to Amed beach. The area is not too touristy, so accommodation is super affordable and still of a Western standard.

The closer to the beach you get, the more villas and homestays you will find, that still aren’t expensive! They are surrounded by local restaurants and bars too, making it easy to get around on foot and hit the best parts of the area.

It is well-known for its diving schools, making it a top spot for those wanting to try out diving in Bali.

Our Favorite Places Stay in I Ketut Natih

Agung Inn Amed

+62 878-6009-8744
Jalan I Ketut Natih, 80915 Amed

Agung Inn Amed

D'uma Amed Homestay

Jalan I Ketut Natih, Pantai Amed

D'uma Amed Homestay

Travel Tips for Backpacking Amed

Need some final helpful tricks to make the most of your trip backpacking in Amed? Check these out!

  • Get off the beaten path – Amed is full of small, remote villages and stunning beaches. Take the time to get off the beaten path and explore some of the hidden gems in the scenic town.
  • Try some fresh seafood – as a beachside town you are guaranteed super fresh and delicious seafood. Many restaurants in Amed have a selection of freshly-caught fish to choose from.
  • Bring a waterproof camera – Amed is a paradise for divers and snorkelers, with many incredible underwater sights. Make sure to bring along a waterproof camera if you’re heading under the waves.
  • Bring your own toiletries – as a super local, small area, Amed doesn’t have all the fancy shops like the south. If you need a particular brand, be sure to bring it with you. 
  • Have cash on hand – a lot of the smaller stores around Amed might not accept card. Bring along a wad of cash in case you fancy a little treat from the nearby warung. 

Final Thoughts

With its quiet beaches, clear waters, and lush jungles, Amed it is a perfect spot for an adventurous getaway. There is something for everyone from snorkeling, to trekking, and even yoga.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach day, an adrenaline-filled adventure, or a cultural experience, Amed has something to offer. Super affordable and away from the usual tourist crowds, Amed is a MUST for any good Bali backpacking trip. 


Featured image: Hidden Paradise Cottages