4 Beautiful Sea and Beach Swings in Bali

As if the stunning tropical beaches and the magical island’s of Bali weren’t picturesque enough, along the shores you will find iconic sea swings have started to pop up. Out in the water, on the sand, and with magnificent backdrops, Bali’s sea swings are the perfect spot for a memorable pic. Adding something a little […]

Great Hikes in Bali for All Levels of Experience

A paradise on Earth, Bali has a TON of natural beauty. There are beaches, oceans, forests, rice fields and waterfalls, along with friendly, smiling people and a super unique culture. Sitting on the ring of fire, the island is home to several volcanoes and grand mountains, which are great spots for those who are wanderers […]

21 Mouthwatering Warungs in Bali

Authentic and wallet-friendly, warungs are where you should go when you’re looking for great Balinese and Indonesian food. Usually small, family owned businesses, the home-cooked food will introduce you to so many incredible flavours you won’t want to eat anywhere else.  Balinese cuisine is rich in spices and flavor, be ready for a sensation adventure!  […]

24 Amazing Villas Near Bingin Beach

Bingin is all your paradise dreams come true. A truly stunning white sand beach, local businesses, small jungle roads and clean, fresh air. There’s nothing quite like it. Adding a weekend in Bingin to your Bali itinerary will give you a chance to enjoy the hidden beauty of the island, with less traffic and incredible […]

How Big is Bali?

From east to west, the island is approximately 153 km (95 mi) wide and spans approximately 112 km (69 mi) north to south.

All the BEST Places to Get Coffee in Bali

Coffee in Bali is as common as a sunny day, as a beautiful sunset or as a cute Bali dog. For energising your morning, giving yourself a little pick-me-up or meeting up with friends for a gossip, coffee is a must while on the island. Farmed, picked and processed right here in Bali, many of […]

All Our Favourite Places to Get Breakfast in Bali

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you’ve woken up in paradise – could it get any better? Skip the hotel continental breakfast for today and try out one of the island’s amazing cafes serving up incredible breakfast plates. Along the busy streets you will find beautiful spots preparing delectable breakfasts with everything […]

Best Hair Salons in Bali for a Pamper Session

Salty ocean water, chlorine and heat can certainly do a number on your hair. Luckily, you can make sure you are always looking your best with all the amazing salons available. Keep your locks looking fresh and beautiful with all different kinds of treatments, masks, stylings, cuts and colours. The hair salons in Bali use […]

Some Amazing Coliving Spaces in Canggu | Perfect for Digital Nomads

There is a love hate relationship with digital nomads in Bali. While some people can’t wait to get to the island to dive into the work-life balance of their dreams, many others find themselves inundated with remote workers filling up cafes. Luckily, Canggu has the perfect fix – coliving spaces. In these purpose built, dedicated […]

Buzzing Bars in Canggu for a Big Night Out

We can all agree that each area of Bali has a different character, attracting different kinds of travellers and communities. Canggu is a favourite for the younger crowd, with a row of beaches loved by surfers, hipster cafes and bars that keep pumping until the early hours of the morning. The bars in Canggu have […]