Most Romantic Things to do For Valentine’s Day in Bali

Bali is the ultimate romantic destination. The island is a famous honeymoon spot, with many luxurious, private and intimate accommodations. Coupled with the sprawling, stunning landscapes, chilled, peaceful atmosphere and tropical luxuries, it is a beautiful spot to spend quality time with your partner.  Valentine’s day in Bali is magnificent. Anything you can dream up […]

Everything You NEED to Know About Solo Traveling in Bali

Solo traveling around Bali is a great chance to explore the island freely and at your own pace. Explore enchanting temples, experience the vibrant nightlife, make quick friends and immerse yourself in the culture. By visiting alone, you’ll have the freedom to go wherever you want, when you want – no planning required! You’ll meet […]

Everything You NEED to Know about Backpacking in Amed

Located on the sprawling, volcanic east coast of the island, Amed is a magnificent destination with clear waters, beautiful coral reefs and iconic tropical views. Popular with budget backpackers and divers, it is a lesser visited part of Bali that deserves some recognition. Filled with local culture and stunning natural landscapes in a slow, quiet […]

Spend a Tropical Christmas in Bali with these Top Tips

Bali may not be the first place that comes to mind when you are looking for somewhere to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones. The usual imagery of white snow, ice-cold weather and log fires aren’t exactly synonymous with the island. That being said, Christmas can be an amazingly cool experience in the tropical weather! […]

Everything You NEED to Know about Backpacking in Uluwatu

Uluwatu is iconic! The clean white sand beaches, towering cliffs, luxurious villas and outstanding surf conditions make for a magical, tropical experience. Backpacking Uluwatu is a must for those who want to enjoy the best beaches on the island, and escape the crowds a little. The streets are harder to navigate with steep hills, twists […]

Everything You NEED to Know about Backpacking in Seminyak

The go-to spot of yester-year, Seminyak is for the more cosmopolitan Bali backpacker. It is perfect for someone looking for a combination of culture, adventure, and relaxation. Lined with beautiful beaches and 5-star resorts, and filled with world-class restaurants, a buzzing nightlife and top shopping experiences, Seminyak is a great base for those who want […]

All the Best Things to do For New Year’s Eve in Bali

Finishing up an old, and starting a new year in Bali is the stuff of dreams.  The island comes alive with parties, events and a sense of excitement for the fresh start.  All the most popular beachclubs, night clubs, resorts and hotels have special deals to make sure you have the most enjoyable end to […]

Amazing Places to Stay in Beachside Kuta

Kuta has always been a hotspot for all kinds of visitors to Bali. Popular with families, older travellers, budget backpackers and more, there are so many amazing amenities in the area. Along with the famous resorts, you can also find incredible villas in Kuta that provide a little more privacy and luxury than a hotel. […]

Balinese Phrases to Learn for Your Trip to Bali

When you’re planning your trip to Bali, you’ll want to brush up on some Balinese phrases before you go! Knowing some of the local languages can help you communicate with locals, and make your trip to Bali a little extra special. Here are some of the top Balinese phrases that you should know before you […]

The Most Beautiful and Relaxing Hotels and Resorts in Canggu

Canggu is a hub for all kinds of travelers. You will find backpackers, luxe-explorers, families and digital nomads exploring the streets on scooters, relaxing on the beach and working from quaint, tropical cafes. For holiday makers and expats looking for a staycation, Canggu is jam-packed with amazing hotels and resorts. 5-star lavish beachfront spots, trendy […]