When you come to Bali, you will come across dogs randomly roaming the streets. You may even falsely think of them as stray dogs. In fact, they are not. Unlike many other places, Bali dogs such as Kintamani dogs freely roam everywhere, when they actually have owners. They have a proper place to live, and are usually well-fed and well-groomed.

The Kintamani Dog’s Traits

The Kintamani dog is the authentic Bali dog that has existed on Bali Island for hundreds of years. Its DNA is a mix of Australian Dingo’s, Akita’s, and Chows Chows’. This dog race is also known as highly intelligent and is considered one of the purest breeds. Once you gain its trust, it can help you do many things like hunting, guarding, and so on without being too dependent.

Attempt to Protect Kintamani Dogs

People and dogs have been living side by side in Bali for centuries, and the population of this dog race once reached 600,000 before the rabies outbreak of 2008. Then, after the initiation of culling, the population dropped to 150,000 and is still falling.

To prevent the extinction of this historical dog breed, many organizations such as BARC and BAWA are working to provide help for the Bali dog. BARC (Bali dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Care), for example, is one of the well-known organizations in Bali that provides rehabilitation for sick dogs. They also provide adoption services so that people can adopt dogs in Bali and provide a home to the lucky Kintamani dogs.

BARC is a registered Australia/Indonesia non-profit animal organization which also has a registered affiliation in Australia. With this partnership, sending dogs abroad is possible, so that they can receive a better treatment. Family adoption is also open to Australian citizens. So, if you are a dog person and are interested in helping Kintamani dogs to escape extinction, you can make a donation to any of these organisations.