We all know that memories and a photo are souvenirs for life, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out some shopping 😉 

Bali is packed with amazing souvenir shops and has some truly unique pieces that signify an island getaway.

Whether for yourself or for loved ones back home, these are some of the best Bali souvenirs.

Must Buy Souvenirs in Bali

There are so many cheap things to buy in Bali that can help you remember your holiday of a lifetime. You’ll also find some super impressive expensive options.

Balinese Food Delicacies

Balinese food delicacies make some of the best souvenirs from Bali.

  • One of the most popular treats is Pie Susu, a traditional Balinese snack made of pancakes filled with sweetened condensed milk.
  • A tasty Balinese pastry, Pia Legong, is made with a light and flaky crust and filled with a rich coconut cream.
  • Sambal is a traditional condiment made with a blend of spices, garlic, and chillies, and is an essential part of Balinese cuisine.
  • East Bali Cashews are a delicious mix of sweet and savory flavors, while homemade jams come in a variety of flavors from tropical fruits grown in Bali.
  • Kacang disco is a crunchy, savory Balinese snack made from peanuts and spices.
  • For those with a sweet tooth, Bali is home to some of the most unique chocolates in the world. From pralines, truffles, and liqueurs to vegan and dairy-free varieties.


Balinese Wood Carved Masks

Wooden masks are often used by local Balinese performers in traditional dance performances.

The most popular are the Barong masks, with animal and human facial imitations, and the Bondres mask which has a face with a funny expression, big eyes and red lips.

The price for these masks in Bali souvenir shops vary quite a lot depending on the wood used and how big it is.

An average mask can be found for around USD$15.

These Balinese masks are easiest to find in art markets, such as in Sukawati Art Market, Ubud and Guwang. Try out some haggling to get yourself a better price. 



Batik is an ancient type of art in Indonesia. It is sheets of cloth made and decorated with a technique of wax-resist dyeing.

These are usually turned into beautiful pieces of clothing and unique accessories.

You can find cheap Batik, but it is usually printed and not classically made. Original Batik can be quite expensive as they are handmade.

In Bali, Batik can be found in traditional markets, but if you want something of a higher quality, for example made of silk or premium materials, you can buy it at a Batik specialty store such as Batik Keris.


Tenun Ikat

Another kind of patterned cloth, Tenun Ikat or Endek Bali is a traditional style material that can be found on the island.

It is cloth woven from strands of weft, or warp threads, that are pre-knotted and dipped in a natural dye. The cloth is woven on a loom rather than a machine, making each of them unique, and meticulously crafted.

Just like Batik, Endek fabrics can also be found in traditional markets and boutiques.


Balinese Kebaya

You will often see beautiful Balinese women wearing traditional clothes to ceremonies and temple called Kebaya.

It can be a long or short sleeved shirt made of brocade or cotton, with a light colored prada belt (not that famous fashion brand) and gold accents, which is paired with a Batik sarong in a beautiful pattern.

These can be found in all the traditional markets to fancy boutiques, with prices starting at USD$6 for a top, and USD$15 for a set. Prices can be much more expensive if the Kebaya and Batik are traditionally made.


Balinese Coffee

If you need good coffee to get your day started, you won’t find a better souvenir then some classic Balinese coffee.

The island is famous for its Arabica coffee and Luwak coffee. A type of coffee that grows with a quality taste at an altitude of 1000m+ in Kintamani.

The typical Balinese coffee has a characteristic aroma with a sweet taste, and a slight hint of spices and citrus orange.

Choose Kintamani Coffee beans, or coffee powder from spots like Expat Coffee Roasters, Revolvers and Mangsi coffee.

It will be one of those cheap things to buy in Bali to take home as a souvenir. 



Maybe it’s a pretty vase, rattan rug or wall hanging that can bring some island vibes to your home. Decor is a great souvenir to bring home from your Bali holiday. 

You can find beautiful pieces of tropical decor in popular Bali souvenir shops like Krisna, or furniture shops like Canggu & Co Tropical Living or Kim Soo Home.

Some items may be a little too big for your luggage, but there are plenty of smaller items that can add a little bit of Bali style. 


Rattan Bags

You are sure to have seen all the influencers floating through Bali with a beautiful rattan bag on their shoulder.

The most popular kind of rattan bags are the round bags, with cute interior fabrics and classic leather accents.

You can find rattan bags at most souvenir centers, but if you want a more affordable price, you can go to traditional markets such as the Ubud Art Market, Sukawati Market and Kumbasari Market and haggle for a better price. Or, try going direct to the rattan craftsman center in Gianyar.

A good quality rattan bag will be on average around USD$15. 



Arak is a fun Bali souvenir to take home to your loved ones – given they are alcohol drinkers.

Balinese Arak is made from coconut, palm, or lontar trees that thrive in Balinese soil.

The sap from the various trees is processed, producing a natural alcohol and producing a subtle flavour.

Arak is sometimes used in various religious ceremonies in Bali, one of the well-known brands is Dewi Sri. 

It is easily found to buy at any supermarket or liquor store in Bali for around USD$12.


Handmade Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry making classes are a great way to make your own souvenir from your holiday in Bali.

For a few hours you will be taught to make your own jewelry using all the traditional techniques and equipment.

These will be super unique and special Bali souvenirs that will make you always remember the island of the gods.

Silversmithing in Bali is easy to find in Ubud, but you can also find it in Canggu.


Key Chains

Anyone who has already been to Bali will know all about the phallic key rings.

Although incredibly memorable, they aren’t the most suitable for everyone in your life.

A key chain in the shape of a surf board, of the island, or an initial is a lot more family friendly.

You can find keychains in tourist attractions, souvenir centers and airports.


Natural Aromatherapy

As well as Bali’s super unique magical atmosphere, it has a specific smell.

A mix of floral, soft, traditional, and herbal, it is a scent that will bring you back to the island no matter where you smell it.

There are many Bali based brands that sell some beautiful natural aromatherapy that can keep that scent around.

If you want a traditional scent, go with Bali Alus which uses natural base materials derived from plant extracts and powder. You can also try out Utama Spices with its 100% natural aromatherapy.


Skincare and Make up

The most popular Bali brands for skincare and make up are Sensatia Botanical, IbuBumi Balo which has chemical free products, Fields of Yarrow which also carries ethical products, and Mademoiselle Kelapa which has products for skin and hair. 

Final Thoughts

Finding beautiful, unique souvenirs in Bali is easy. There are so many amazing things that will remind you of your holiday, and be a special gift for your loved ones back home. 

Fill up your house with Balinese decor, burn local aromatherapy and enjoy the vibes of the island in your home. You can bring Bali home with you!


Featured image: Bali Market